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October 28, 2019

Getting to the Root of Customer Experience

A renewed focus on customer service has emerged in recent years, and rightfully so. Organizations have come to the realization that providing good customer service is no longer enough. What’s required is delivering a consistent and meaningful experience across their entire organization.

Customer experience is now the requirement. And it’s not just that the competitive marketplace demands this focus on customer experience to remain relevant, it’s also just the right thing to do by your customers.

But to provide that consistent and meaningful experience, service providers need to examine their entire organization, starting with all of the touch points encountered by their customers. It also means examining all processes and systems to ensure they are in synch and aligned for consistency. Together with your people, these systems and processes are the roots of your customer experience. They can make or break that experience.

ETI Backend Solutions

Those systems can become real assets in the delivery of the right customer experience though. Today’s OSS and BSS platforms provide excellent features and capture a wealth of data, which can be a key component for exceeding customer expectations. Leveraging these platforms and the data they warehouse for service assurance and increased customer satisfaction is key. An error-free, meaningful experience should be the goal.

Leverage these assets and their reporting mechanisms to better understand customer behavior and expectations. Then adapt and adjust accordingly to meet their changing needs. For example, your OSS tools should provide automated flow‐through service activation. That capability can meet the digital-first expectation of many of today’s customers. Give customers options too and ensure your processes can also accommodate more traditional customers who may just want to pick up the phone, or even walk in your office. Your systems and processes must be able to accommodate both.

ETI has the tools and experience to help our clients address this important business objective. Our platforms are designed with delivering a consistent and meaningful customer experience in mind. If not managed properly, technology can turn into chaos, leading to a failing customer experience. ETI is in the business of simplifying technology transformation for our clients, avoiding chaos and putting you on a path to succeeding with the customer experience.