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ETI Makes TiVo
Conversion Simple

TiVo delivers consumer experiences that customers crave through innovative products, cloud-based services and enhanced content. Supported on both IP and HFC networks, anyone can bring this solution to their subscribers today.

  • Leverage current infrastructure while seamlessly integrating IP video streaming
  • Innovative method for evolving legacy cable systems to deliver the modern customer experience
  • Rapid, scalable features to stay ahead of the competition
  • Reduce churn, drive new revenue, build loyalty and provide more value to viewers.


Enhanced Features

  • Support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Supports mATV and device binding
  • Offers SAML Authentication Service

TiVo Classic

  • Full flow-through provisioning and service activation
  • Account management
  • Device assignments
  • Provision RF CableCARDS (via 3rd party)

Mobile and Unmanaged Devices

  • On-boarding unmanaged devices
  • Enforces maximum device limit
  • Partner Provisioning System (PPS)
  • Real-time PPS validation
  • Manage PPS messages for STBs, mobile and other unmanaged devices

Pay Per View (PPV)

  • PPV Schedule
  • Credit limit
  • Event authorization
  • Reports purchases to billing

IP Linear

  • Manage IP Video streaming accounts and devices
  • Sets EAS locale
  • Manages entitlements
  • Manages network DVR

In Home Detection

  • WAN IP Address Lookup
  • Detects Region

ETI Supported TiVo STBs:

  • TiVo Gateway, Mini, Stream
  • Arris MG2 Gateway, Mi4 Mini, Qi3
  • Evolution Digital eBOX
  • BYOD

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