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OSS Tools For Telecom

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OSS tools for telecom have a hefty goal to achieve: they need to be effective, innovative, and efficient in order to offer real value to the companies that use them. Telecom companies have changed quite a bit over the last few years and with it, so have technological requirements. In order to serve customers and provide effective telecom solutions, OSS tools need to meet those expectations. Advanced OSS tools for telecom can help companies to meet the increasingly heightened and complex expectations they put on themselves internally  and externally from clients.

Historically, OSS tools for telecom were stitched together platforms and internal systems that are not effective and can even gridlock development. This type of impact frustrates both employees and customers, which is a cyclical relationship that fosters more disconnect. Legacy software, which most telecommunications companies still use  today, does not support everything that companies need to do, including activation, customer service, billing, and provisioning. With too many silos in place and too many bandaged together pieces, one piece breaking can cause a total shutdown. OSS tools for telecom from ETI integrates everything onto a single platform, streamlining operations and saving time and money..

Our OSS tool has rapid integration with upper-level billing, order entry, and CRM systems that make it the system of choice for service providers across the globe.  For more information on how our OSS tools for telecom companies can streamline service, reduce churn, and cut costs, CLICK HERE.

OSS Tool Examples In Telecom: Integrations You Understand

If a telecom company has an existing system, they can often be intimidated by new systems, high costs, and learning curves. With ETI’s OSS tools for telecom, companies can universally meet their needs and make a switch that is efficient. Integrations become seamless, there is a very small learning curve, and with the largest suite of integrations (that continues to grow), companies are able to do what they need.

Our OSS tool examples for telecom include:
IPTV & OTT Video Migration: OSS tools for telecom from ETI include integrations for video streaming. With integrations to multiple technology platforms, providers can offer secure and seamless authentication and device streaming.

Billing: Billing inaccuracies make up the majority of subscriber complaints and leads to customer churn. Inaccurate billing costs hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. ETI’s OSS tools for telecom easily augment legacy billing and financial software applications, providing completely accurate information, easier customer management, and quicker delivery of services.

FTTH Integration: One place telecom companies have noticed failure in their legacy systems is in the deployment, operation, and management of fiber networks. ETI’s OSS tools for telecom manage FTTx networks – even those with multiple technology vendors.

ETI’s OSS tools for telecom are the solution. Our suite of fully integrated modules allows FTTx network providers to efficiently and accurately manage the day-to-day operations no matter what the life cycle stage: greenfield, operational or mature networks. From automating service ratings to work orders, OSS tools for telecom can eliminate human error, speed activation time and ensure accurate billing statements.

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How Does OSS In Telecom Help With Customer Activation?

What is the number one problem that telecom service providers face? Customer service and customer activation – the process of activation is often straightforward, but what happens after rarely is. Good OSS tools in telecom can help to streamline processes and keep customer churn rates extremely low. The truth is that many telecom companies lose their clients to their competition as soon as activation occurs. While all telecommunications companies focus on procuring new customers, customer retention is even more important, in many cases. When a company keeps customers, it pads budgets, builds word of mouth, and helps to provide a base of support. With the help of OSS tools for telecom companies, customer churn is reduced from customer activation. Those little seeds of doubt aren’t planted from the start. This allows for growth and a focus on delivering quality services.

How is this accomplished? ETI’s software focuses on providing a complete service experience before activation even occurs. It increases billing accuracy, limits service calls, provides insight into potential markets, helps schedule appointments, and offers more value than other tools.

OSS tools for telecom companies from ETI help with customer activation and retention by:

  • Raising the number of completed service calls
  • Providing accurate status updates to customers – their time is important too
  • Tracking Nearby Network Service Disruptions in near real-time – maybe even catching problems before they happen or providing accurate information about outages
  • Ensure account and equipment history accuracy – saving resources for new jobs or bigger opportunities
  • Avoid downtime with preventative maintenance – or – providing insight on downtimes so that customers can plan accordingly
  • Reduce travel time via technical location tracking
  • Manage follow-up and upsell opportunities

For more information on how our OSS tools for telecom can streamline service, reduce churn, and cut costs, CLICK HERE.

How Can OSS Tools for Telecom Improve Customer Acquisition?

There are so many options available to potential customers – from cutting the cord and not getting telecom services at all to choosing incumbent big-name companies that are taking over entire communities. How can a smaller telecom company stand out? Marketing teams are forced to try innovative methods without data or analytics to back them up – or rely on what “used to work” in a time when traditional offerings won’t work anymore.

ETI’s OSS tools for telecom gives marketing and sales teams that information – the data and analytics they can use to make smart decisions to acquire customers. It will also empower team members to up-sell or cross-sell certain features, to determine whether or not a new market is possible, and to improve areas that have not been performing well. In the past, this required hours and hours of manual processing, but not anymore.

With ETI’s solutions, segmentation is easy and automated. Providers are able to group customers and potential customers based on areas, needs, characteristics, and distances. Companies can build up profiles to help determine when and where to perform maintenance, how to market to new areas, and even where to find people.

Most importantly, OSS tools from ETI help to profile and segment customers in a way that gives companies a competitive edge, even against bigger, more well-known brands.

Why ETI Is The Choice For OSS In Telecom

ETI is the choice for OSS in telecom. We have simplified the process of device and application integration while consolidating data, providing role-based views, and continuing to innovate all at the same time. Our tools empower telecom companies to gain meaningful insight into historic events as well as what happens on a day-to-day basis. ETI’s OSS tools for telecom help companies of all sizes grow, improve reviews, manage workforces, and reduce costs.

ETI has found success in providing zero-touch provisioning, automation, service orchestration, network configuration, inventory control, performance management, and professional services that are network, device, and technology agnostic. Our tools work with a mix of different topographies (including satellite, coax, fiber, and copper) and devices (including ONTs, residential gateways, DSL modems, cable modems or set-top boxes).

For more information on how our OSS tools in telecom can streamline service, reduce churn, and cut costs, CLICK HERE.

OSS Tools For Telecom: Paving The Way To The Future

With the suite of OSS tools for telecom companies, it is easy to see a pathway to the future that includes automation and using resources in the best possible ways. As a result, there is a reduction in customer churn, CSRs can accomplish more, and the workforce isn’t as taxed. Advanced analytics within these tools make it possible for everyone to be more proactive, from those fielding service calls to those in the field. As a result, telecom companies will see an improvement in operations and growth in their footprints.

ETI’s OSS solutions empower service providers with the ability to select and implement the appropriate modules that are relevant to the services that they provide – nothing more and nothing less. Providers benefit from purchasing only what they need while still maintaining the integrity of all back-end systems.

ETI’s OSS solution allows complete integration of systems and carries out simple tasks and more complex ones, including:

  • User Authentication
  • Set Limit of Devices Per Account
  • Set Limit of Simultaneous Device Usage to Manage Bandwidth
  • Assign Account Administrator
  • Register Device
  • Add/Remove Device
  • Assign the Device Name
  • Set Parental Controls by Device
  • Set PPV/VOD order/ Dollar Limit per Device
  • Set Time Usage Limits Per Device
  • Display Viewing History

Thanks to innovative technology, ETI’s OSS solutions for telecom companies can limit the amount of subscriber downtime and interruptions, managing back-end systems using smarter steps and updates. This OSS solution is versatile, powerful, and multi-faceted, providing end-to-end coverage for subscribers and CSRs.

For more information on how our OSS tools for telecom can streamline service, reduce churn, and cut costs, CLICK HERE.