Map-Based Device Management

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Service Management Platform: Map-Based Data Improves Device Management

Enabling greater visibility with map-based intelligence for subscribers, non-subscribers, premise equipment types, service areas and network assets, map-based device management via a single platform allows network operators to drill down to capture data proactively to minimize truck rolls and increase customer satisfaction.

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  • Integration of LIVE data to launch standardized workflows from locations, subscriber premises and network assets.  This increases operational efficiency to allow a quick drill down into all layers of the footprint and network…. see the data BEHIND the data.
  • View and modify in-home CPE settings with ease, schedule maintenance, monitor for faults and expedite provisioning with zero-touch capabilities.
  • Furthering the drill down process, if subscribers report CPE or network assets that appear to be faulty, the ability to create service or maintenance orders to test and resolve issues is crucial from a simple map interface.

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Take Advantage of Map-Based Data to Boost Efficiency.

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