Accurate Realtime Device Monitoring & Management for WISPs

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Accurate Realtime Device Monitoring & Management for WISPs

Fixed wireless internet service providers (WISPs) deliver reliable, affordable broadband to customers in mostly rural and suburban areas where telephone and cable broadband deployments are often not cost-effective. These areas suffer without internet access or experience slow unreliable broadband and have no alternatives. WISPs are key to closing this digital divide.  Most WISPs are small to medium-sized businesses founded by people who live in the communities they serve with a mission to provide high speed reliable broadband connectivity and a strong commitment to customer service.

Starting and then managing a growing WISP has its challenges because it’s not just about the network technology.  A WISP is a business that also requires software for both technical and administrative functions. Operational and management software that is simple to use and scales as the number of subscribers grow.  Software that provides accurate mapping, monitoring and management of not just network equipment but all the installed customer equipment (CPE) as these devices are in the homes of friends and neighbors.


ETI’s Unified Device Management platform automates the deployment and support of data, voice and video services across a WISP’s network. It provides centralized remote provisioning, inventory management, network and device monitoring, event triggering to support automation and real-time remote management of CPEs.

Unified Device Management BENEFITS FOR WISPs:

  • Control operational costs by remote trouble shooting of devices, upgrades, device counts and outage identification reducing truck rolls and shortening support calls.
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction with real time, automated corrective workflows – proactively identifying and resolving issues
  • Visualize all subscriber data at once using a GeoSpatial Monitoring Dashboard that shows all relevant data and connectivity analysis

Unified Device Management BENEFITS FOR END-USERS:

  • Improve day one experience with zero-touch activation and instant access to services
  • Better support experience – pro-active issue resolution and detection of potential issues.
  • OTT and new services can be delivered quicker

To learn more about what ETI has to offer WISPs, download our Paladin Wireless Case Study Here.

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