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25 Years of Innovation

A global leader in communications technology and services for over 25 years, ETI Software Solutions continues to bring leading-edge solutions to telcos, municipalities, utility co-ops, open access providers and WISPs to reduce operating costs and future-proof technology.

But our philosophy has never changed: to put your subscribers at the center of our universe. We understand that we must provide our customers with the tools and support to offer the same superior customer support to their communities.

Our intelligent, standards-based Service Management, Lifecycle & Orchestration platform breaks down siloed data (billing, customer service, field service, network operations) to help Service Providers identify inefficiencies, deliver next gen services faster and create the best subscriber experience possible.

ETI is 100 percent employee-owned and based in Norcross, GA.

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Our Philosophy

People First

“People” is the first word in our business philosophy … and the last. Our business – any business – is people. We are proud of our company and that’s why our actual employees are featured on this website. We are dedicated to our customers and that’s why we have succeeded for the last 25 years. Our philsophy remains the same. Smart Technology. Smarter People.


Solid as a Rock: EPlus Broadband and ETI Software

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) FTTH division

JACKSON, TN – Over the past 13 years, Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has built one of the nation’s largest, most advanced fiber optic broadband networks.