Sabrina Porter
Business Development, ETI Software Solutions

Churn Reduction

Powerful Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

Give your employees the tools to take care of your customers.

Based on recent Gartner survey data, customer experience has become a high-priority, CEO-level area of focus. Improving customer experience is at or near the top of the list of KPI’s for both private- and public-sector enterprises across all industries. In this business, consumers call the shots. And after all the time and money you spend acquiring new customers, how do you keep them from leaving? How do you reduce your churn rate?

By improving the customer journey.

Consumers come to you because of product and price, but they stick around based on their interactions – their journey – with your company. At every touch point there is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty or to negatively impact your churn rate. ETI’s ensures that your front-line personnel drive greater efficiencies, help assure quality of service and enhance the customer journey. Are you confident that your CSR’s have the tools and the real-time data to help your customer? With ETI, your team can easily and quickly handle most customer-affecting issues, including:


  • Address Passed Status
  • Service Connection
  • Nearby Network Service Disruptions
  • In-Home Device Status and Troubleshooting
  • Trouble Ticket History
  • Field Technician Location
  • Pending Work Orders

Want to know the secret

to solving provider pain


How ETI Helps Improve Customer

Remove Silos

Back-office systems and front-office processes are automated, integrated and simple for your CSR team to use. From activation to billing to customer service, ETI provides a unified view of the customer.

Simplify Processes

One-click fixes regardless of request (activation, billing, devices) or technology (video, voice, data). Subscriber, services and device management has never been easier.

Grow Efficiencies

Built on a highly scalable core engine that controls 20+ million subscribers and devices globally, ETI gives you the foundation to grow your network, improve operation efficiencies and future-proof your services. Adding new technology or new services without costly conversions is the heart of the ETI model.

Analyze Data

Incorporating real-time business-level visual analytics to capture actionable marketing and business intelligence, ETI is an end-to-end solution that impacts your bottom line. Built modularly, ETI can be phased in or deployed all at once to give you the flexibility you need. Empowered by ETI, your CSR can provide a better customer experience, build a positive brand for your company and help increase loyalty.

ETI Solutions to Lessen Churn


Device management that reduces service calls.

Empower your CSRs to solve common service calls with remote control and management of devices



Improve Service Assurance with Automation

Fast and accurate service activation with seamless billing integration are two critical touchpoints for new customers



Track Work Orders for Better Service

Reduce truck rolls with real-time mapping to proactively respond to service calls, outages, storm response and more



Community Broadband at its Best

The Story of Wilson, NC and ETI Software

Learn how the City of Wilson’s Greenlight Communications used ETI’s solution to help plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.


Proactive service is the key to keeping customers happy and running a network efficiently. ETI Gives us the ability to do just that.

Will Aycock

General Manager, Greenlight Community Broadband