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Customers’ Stories

From POTS to Broadband, Rural Co-op Values ETI as a Trusted Partner

“As our membership evolved, we needed a partner and a strategy that grew and evolved with us.” — Director

September 26, 2022
Telephone cooperatives have long been crucial to bringing wireline services to rural areas. But gone are the days when co-ops simply provided Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to their communities. Today co-ops are the backbone of communications for their members, offering video, voice and data and often rebranding themselves as broadband providers. One Midwest telephone [...] more

All Points Broadband Selects ETI’s Platform as Foundation for Rapid Greenfield Growth

“The biggest risk to network operators today is not moving fast enough.” — CFO

August 26, 2022
All Points Broadband, a long-time network operator supplying fixed wireless and data services to the Eastern United States accepted the challenge to bring broadband to surrounding counties and thousands of unserved residents. Backed by state, federal and private equity funding, All Points sought to construct a greenfield 5,000-mile regional fiber-to-the-home broadband network to bring access [...] more

Utility Broadband Players Disrupting Broadband Delivery with CPE on Electric Meters

Broadband services targeting underserved communities with innovative meters

March 15, 2022

A subsidiary of a national energy provider was formed to explore rural broadband solutions through partnerships with public electric utilities. Their mission is to provide underserviced and disregarded communities connectivity for telemedicine, online education and technical skills development.


Bringing Next Gen Broadband to Tribal Communities

ETI helps modernize rural open access network while reducing complexity

February 21, 2022

A Canadian not-for-profit telecommunications corporation that supplies broadband carrier services for tribal communities and local municipalities, this provider brings diversified connectivity to global telecom networks, content providers and to Internet for a broad range of social and economic opportunities.


Growing Open Access Networks a Through Fully Integrated Solution

June 2, 2021
THE WHO Chelan County PUD’s open access network currently operates and maintains the fiber infrastructure for 15 ISPs who provide competitive services to both residences and businesses. The network has become increasingly complex to manage and legacy tools have now been outgrown. Extending coverage, adding additional ISPs or innovative services to expand economic development was [...] more

Taking Control of Devices

How Spark New Zealand Did It

January 24, 2020

Spark New Zealand, the country’s largest retail broadband and wireless service provider, managed over half a million residential gateways of various technologies operating on two different Device Management Platforms.


Complex Conversions Simplified

Large-scale conversions on time and under budget

June 22, 2017

Today, ETI Software supports 2.2 million Frontier Communications broadband subscribers across the nation. And it all began in 2010 with Frontier Communications’ acquisition of 200,000 Verizon Telecom customers. Providers of all sizes who need to improve the integration and management of complex broadband business operations and technology can gain valuable insight from this case study.


Embracing Growth

Cincinnati Bell's Long History

June 21, 2017

Cincinnati Bell Telephone has a storied history dating back to 1873. Its legacy of transformation continues to make it one of the most well-respected service providers in the nation. For the past seven years, ETI Software has supported CBT on their mission to provide innovative solutions to their customers.


Solid as a Rock: EPlus Broadband and ETI Software

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) FTTH division

June 18, 2017

JACKSON, TN –  Over the past 13 years, Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has built one of the nation’s largest, most advanced fiber optic broadband networks.


Community Broadband At Its Best

The Story of Wilson, NC and ETI Software

June 17, 2017

Learn how the City of Wilson’s Greenlight Communications used ETI’s solution to help plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.


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