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Telco Solutions that Future-Proof and Unify

Telcos have a long history of innovation, evolving from landlines to IP voice technology while adding video and broadband networks to further serve their customers. Today’s telcos continue to bring advanced telecommunication services to market but suffer from the lack of a cohesive platform to manage their increasingly complex needs. Historically, legacy telecommunication tools have been built to support specific areas such as provisioning and activation, billing, field service, customer service, or operations support. In doing so, silos were created, developing a need for complex integrations between toolsets that have still been unmet.

Frustratingly, many telcos still lack the ability to easily integrate and offer these services to existing customers. Legacy client service devices are also becoming more burdensome to telcos, as they often create more problems than they solve due to disparate data. But “rip and replace” solutions are costly, time-consuming and often result in customer downtime. Telco leaders are prevented from gaining true insight into operational performance and customer satisfaction.

How Does ETI Help Telcos?

ETI’s Service Management Platform simplifies the process of device and application integration, consolidates data, and provides role-based views to help both small and large telcos protect and grow their businesses by reducing costs, improving customer experiences and field management, and making next-generation service roll-out faster and easier.

At the core of our long-term success is our expertise in providing zero-touch provisioning, automation, service orchestration, network configuration, inventory control, performance management and professional services that are network, device, and technology agnostic.  Regardless of the mix of network topographies (fiber, copper, coax, or satellite) or devices (ONTs, residential gateways, DSL modems, cable modems or set-top boxes), ETI’s service assurance and advanced analytics software provides a single point of control, enabling communications service providers to monetize the entire life cycle of the customer journeys.

Improving Telco End-User Satisfaction

For many telcos, customer service is a weak point of the customer journey and can result in customers dropping services and moving to competitors. While a significant part of any telco company’s time and budget is allocated for new customer acquisition, efforts toward customer retention are often received less priority. With the help of ETI’s Service Management Platform, it is possible to reduce the customer churn rate and retain active clients while growing the active client base.

ETI’s solutions focus on increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn by simply providing a better experience for each subscriber. ETI gives telcos the complete customer picture they need to enhance the quality of services that they provide to their customers.

Common issues leading to customer dissatisfaction and churn are proactively solved using ETI’s solution, which can improve field management by:

  • Improving the number of completed service calls
  • Providing status updates to customers
  • Tracking Nearby Network Service Disruptions in near real-time
  • Ensure account and equipment history accuracy
  • Avoid downtime with preventative maintenance
  • Reduce travel time via technical Location tracking
  • Manage follow-up and upsell opportunities

To learn more about what ETI has to offer to telcos, download our ebook on churn reduction.

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