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Unifed Device Management
Real-Time Device Monitoring & Management

Introducing ETI’s unified device management platform for real-time remote management of CPEs: automating the deployment and support of data, voice and video services across the service life cycle. From centralized remote provisioning, inventory management, monitoring, event triggering to support automation.


  • TR-069 Device Management
  • Device Monitoring
  • Devices Type/Data Model Management
  • API
  • Device / Software Scheduling
  • Device Intelligence Dashboard
  • Registration/Provisioning
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • Proactive Fault Fixing and Troubleshooting
  • Scripting Engine

Benefits to Service Providers:

  • Increase Subscriber Satisfaction with real time, automated corrective workflows and speed incident awareness and resolution.
  • Control operational costs by remote trouble shooting of devices, upgrades, devices counts and outage identification.
  • Visualize all subscriber data at once using a GeoSpatial Monitoring Dashboard allowing you to see all relevant data and connectivity analysis.

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TR-069 Device Management - Works with any device with a TR-069 client, including DSL, FTTx, 4G/5G, DOCSIS. Remotely change settings, monitor parameters, fix problems and update the software with minimal subscriber disruption.

Device Intelligence – Geospatial, mobile-responsive dashboard that displays real-time and historical data for network trending analysis. Device flags can be configured to store any value: monitoring the success of a new firmware rollout, or tracking the devices that are retraining more than once per day.

Device Agnostic – to integrate a range of legacy and new CPE utilizing any connection type, including 4G & 5G.

"We needed a flexible but powerful platform that was feature-rich and could scale quickly and securely. ETI Software's expertise was matched by their responsiveness to our needs. We were thrilled with ETI's delivery of great solutions."

Graham Fish,
Delivery IT Integrator
Spark New Zealand


API - Enables the bi-directional integration with other systems (CRM, OSS and BSS). The system features a comprehensive API to allow external systems to leverage the capabilities of the ACS platform.

Trouble-Shooting Tools - Enables providers to see what is happening on their network and identify possible issues proactively. The system provides a snapshot of the estate and can help ISPs identify any issues before their customers.

CSR-Friendly - Typically CSRs cannot view the customer's router. ETI gives the CSR the ability to solve customer issues in an easy-to-use format, removing the complexities of the TR-069 standard, device models, scripting, and other technical features.

Scripting Engine – Comes equipped with a scripting engine which allows complex automated actions to be created by users to create any business logic required for device management.

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