D365 Business Central for Digital Service Providers

Business Central for Digital Service Providers

Business Central for Digital Service Providers is a business management solution tailored for the telecommunications and service provider industry. An out-of-the-box solution that understands service provider business processes and how you think about and manage your business. Business Central is the secure and scalable platform to manage your entire business, including finance, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more.

Control Operations

While staying integrated with the rest of your organization.
Operations Management

  • Forecasting

  • Production planning

  • Manufacturing capacity

  • Warehouse management


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Monitor Projects

With real-time data on available resources.

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Built-in intelligence


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Increase Visibility

Across supply chains and greater control over purchasing processes.
Supply Chain Management – Predict the optimal time to replenish stock with built-in intelligence. Use sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically create purchase orders.

  • Inventory and purchasing control

  • Shipment and distribution

  • Returns and cancellations

  • Procurement and vendor management


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Maximize Revenue

Opportunities and serve customers better.
Sales & Service Management – A single system to generate sales quotes to processing an order, link sales order to purchase orders, invoice a customer, and create forecasts.

  • Quote Generation

  • Contract Management

  • Sales Invoicing

  • Payment Processing


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Accelerate Financials

Manage budgets, and report while ensuring compliance.
Financial Management – Produce bills to customers, process their payments, and manage debt collection. Accurate accounts receivable and payable with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

  • Account receivables / payables

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Fixed asset management

  • Month / Year-end closing


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Secure and Protect Your Financial Data

Business Central uses a layered approach to application security, Authentication, Authorization, Auditing, Data Encryption, and Compliance.

  • Authentication – Before users can sign-in to the Business Central application, they must be authenticated as a valid user in the system. Business Central On-Premises supports several authentication methods, such as Windows and Azure Active Directory. Business Central Online uses strictly Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

  • Authorization – Once authenticated, authorization determines which areas a user can access, such as the pages and reports that they can open, and the permissions that they have on associated data.

  • Auditing – Business Central includes several auditing features that help you track information about who is signing-in, what their permissions are, what data have they changed, and more.

  • Data Encryption – You can encrypt data on the Business Central server by generating new or importing existing encryption keys that you enable on the Business Central server instance that connects to the database.

  • Compliance – Business Central contains the functionality and is built on a platform that makes it easy for customers to comply with compliance and regulatory legislation.


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ETI’s Service Management Platform integrates with Microsoft’s Business Central which gives broadband providers a comprehensive and powerful billing system.