Partnering with Esri to Deliver the Power of GIS to Broadband Service Providers

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Partnering with Esri to Deliver
the Power of GIS

Broadband service providers, large and small, have the extraordinary challenge today, to control multiple devices (CPE) within every subscriber’s home, regardless of type or brand. To remain competitive, service providers must be able to monitor and manage all of these devices efficiently and effectively or face spiraling costs and the propensity of customer churn.

Esri & ETI are Assisting Telecom Customers:

  • Manage Operations Cost & Efficiency via remote monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction – Identify & Resolve proactively
  • Cloud-based, “Single Pane of Glass” experience

How is it done?

As an award-winning Esri partner, ETI has built Unified Device Management on the Esri Geospatial Cloud to deliver a real-time device monitoring and management solution for broadband service providers with the most advanced mapping and spatial analytics tools available.  The Unified Device Management dashboard gathers information from any TR-069 enabled CPE and displays real-time information that can identify issues before consumers are impacted as well as historical data for network trending analysis and monitoring.

  • Devices– Telecom STANDARDS to monitor network devices
  • Services– Zero-Touch, Automated Provisioning & Activation
  • Updates– Schedule Firmware Updates per device/vendor
  • Vendor Agnostic– Non-proprietary monitoring for Telco, ISPs & WISPs

Value for Esri Sales:

Esri “door opener” into Telecom Operational Groups

  • Allows Esri to increase their sustainability in Telecoms:
    • Named User Logins
    • Enterprise Licensing
    • GeoEvent Server Licensing
    • Web App Bundles
    • ArcGIS for IoT, cloud-based Services

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