Next Gen OSS and
Order Management and Activation

Next Gen OSS Provides End-to-End Order Management and Activation

High-speed broadband, digital voice and video service fulfillment for hybrid networks makes new service roll-outs faster and more profitable.

It’s a constant challenge: quickly implementing new services while efficiently managing your back-end systems. Today’s OSS systems must be versatile, multi-faceted and powerful engines that do not simply provision service but in real-time provide a seamless experience for both CSRs and subscribers.

ETI’s next gen OSS platform is the result of over 25 years of order management and activation expertise, enabling turnkey, automated, flow‐through service activation for virtually any technology.

At the core of our long-term success is our expertise in providing zero-touch OSS provisioning, automation, service orchestration, network configuration, inventory control, performance management and professional services that are network, device and technology agnostic.  Regardless of the mix of network topographies (fiber, copper, coax, or satellite) or devices (ONTs, residential gateways, DSL modems, cable modems or set top boxes), ETI’s service assurance software coupled with a business-level API ensures rapid integration.

With over 25 years of delivering solutions with a broad partner eco-system including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, and Cisco, ETI Software manages over 15 million devices globally and completes 7 billion transactions per day. From solving specific OSS challenges to providing analysis and integration of complex systems, ETI Software continues to help our customers increase efficiencies, reduce cost, improve subscriber experience, and generate new revenue through next-gen services.

“ETI Software has guided our FTTH network expansion, increased efficiency across all business units, and improved customer service satisfaction – helping us consistently maintain a churn rate of less than 2%. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

Will Aycock
General Manager, Greenlight Community
Broadband/City of Wilson

“ETI gave me my weekends back.”

Casper Faust,
WISP Field Operational Manager
Paladin Wireless