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July 28, 2017

5 Facts You Should Know Before Launching New Services

Every service providers faces the challenge of integrating different platforms smoothly and without breaking the bank. ETI’s Vice President of Product Management, Chris Beisner, shares what you should know before trying to integrate and automate OSS/BSS operations and architecture.

Many telcos are considering the challenge of automating back office operations and integrating triple play technologies. Getting a variety of different technologies to talk to one another without disrupting customer service or chewing up hours of IT time is not easy. Here are several tips to help our broadband provider customer get started on the right foot with automating their back office operations and integrating triple play technologies.

  1. Get Help. Although it may appear outrageously expensive, it pays dividends to have subject matter experts who can guide you through the process of starting up a telecom service offering. Look for companies or individuals with a proven track record of success.
  2. It’s all about the network. In order for business to thrive and survive, the network must be top notch. Consumers are dropping traditional wireline service and cable packages, opting instead for non-traditional offerings like Skype, Netflix, Hulu and other OTT service offerings. Being the service provider with the most affordable, reliable network with a multitude of different data packages will be the differentiator – so build toward this end goal from Day 1.
  3. Commercial services are where the money is. Residential services are comparatively easy in terms of the order process and fulfillment, but it’s not nearly as profitable as commercial services. Top-rated network provisioning tools can align your services before launching, cutting back on customer churn, and increasing efficiency. Talk to local businesses and conduct a needs assessment. Do they truly have what they need?
  4. Do NOT underestimate the complexity and pain associated with (video) content contracts. For many service providers, video represents a necessary evil – to be competitive, they have to offer video but dealing with the content providers is like dealing with the devil himself. Don’t expect to make any margin with video. The content providers are a proud bunch and for that you will pay, and pay, and pay.
  5. Select the tools and applications NOW that you want to use long term. Too often start-ups try to save money by deferring on a competent billing system and / or operational support systems electing to instead run things manually through brute force and spreadsheets. This is a mistake.

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