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Cable Provider Solutions that Increase Subscriber Satisfaction

Today’s cable providers, regardless of size, face legacy integration challenges like never before. From DOCSIS to fiber, from IPTV to OTT, cable providers struggle with the cost and complexity of technology advances that are necessary to compete in a crowded market with an often fickle customer base.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most providers do not have a single, cohesive platform to manage their customer activation, billing, service calls, and network operations center. As a result, customers have less-than-desirable experiences and do not stay loyal to one brand, instead choosing one of the many competitors. To put a bandage on the problem, cable companies often create disparate processes that generate silos of information. Integrating legacy systems and removing these silos result in operational efficiency gains, reduces customer churn and brings order to technical chaos.

ETI Customer Churn

ETI is proud to offer cable companies a proven solution that improves customer satisfaction, reduces operations and support costs, identifies new subscriber growth opportunities, and enables the roll-out of new services faster and easier. With the help of ETI’s Service Management Platform, cable companies are able to:

  • Align their operations onto a single platform,
  • Consolidate operational, business and client data into a single view
  • Protect, run and grow their businesses with proactive intelligence

The platform integrates easily with existing devices, systems, and billing solutions to make legacy and new architecture work together seamlessly and powerfully.

For more information about how ETI helps cable companies align operations and improve the customer experience, please watch our informative video.

Improve Service and Reduce Costs

ETI’s solutions empower cable companies to provide superior service to their customers, thereby reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty. This is the highest priority of many cable companies, as well as one of the most difficult KPIs to tackle.   ETI arms front-line personnel at cable companies to help drive sales, enhance the quality of service and act as a guide throughout the customer journey. The service representative has a cohesive view of the customer’s account, including one-click fixes and the ability to easily resolve many common problems, such as device reboots or password resets. ETI’s Service Management Platform empowers cable companies to make informed decisions and take rapid action, which is the gold standard of customer service.

Common issues leading to customer dissatisfaction and churn are proactively solved using ETI’s solution, which can improve field management by:

  • Increasing the number of completed service calls
  • Providing status updates to customers
  • Tracking Nearby Network Service Disruptions in near real-time
  • Ensure account and equipment history accuracy
  • Avoid downtime with preventative maintenance
  • Reduce travel time via location tracking
  • Manage follow-up and upsell opportunities

ETI’s Service Management Platform simplifies device and application integration, consolidates data and provides role-based views to help Cable Service Providers protect and grow their businesses by reducing costs, improving customer experience, and introducing next-generation services faster.

For more information about how ETI helps cable companies make improvements and reduce churn, please watch our informational video.

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