ETI’s Nick Wilcox to Speak at 5th Annual Internet of Things Event in The Netherlands

May 18, 2016

ETI Software Solutions is excited to announce that Nick Wilcox, CEO of ETI’s UK subsidiary, will be speaking at the fifth annual Internet of Things Event, held at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands, June 7-8, 2016. Nick will be presenting ETI’s IoT device management platform, Beamfly, and how it is being used to manage ‘smart’ traffic cones. This is part of an initiative to reduce roadway fatalities in the United Kingdom by incorporating traffic cones into a trackable network.

Intellicone combines several different technologies in order to save lives. First, each cone is fitted with an individual wireless impact sensor which sends tracking information to a Master Unit. If a cone is moved or struck by a vehicle, the Master Unit activates a Portable Site Alarm which gives audio and visual alerts to any nearby workers. This allows everyone on a construction site to react to potentially dangerous situations immediately, creating a safer environment for both workers and drivers alike. 

ETI’s Beamfly solution provides a visual interface which displays networks of cones in real time on a geographical map, allowing highway contractors to monitor the status of each work site, activate Portable Site Alarms when necessary, and detect near-misses. Additionally, Beamfly logs all data received from the Master Units, allowing supervisors to review the times and locations of incidents and near misses, and track each crew’s hours of operation based on when the cones were deployed and removed. 

“This is a timely example of how the ‘Internet of Things’ can impact an industry,” said Nick Wilcox, CEO of the UK division of ETI Software regarding the Intellicone Project. “It is more than making a ‘dumb’ traffic cone ‘smarter’, it’s the ability to use the data collected to affect the greater good.”

The annual Internet of Things event provides a venue for professionals from a variety of technology-related industries to share ideas, discuss the countless challenges that come with IoT and ultimately invent new ways to solve everyday problems. “We are currently offering software solutions for IoT projects across several industries,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO of ETI Software. “This is a wonderful opportunity to not only share our accomplishments with the rest of the industry, but also to stay on the cutting edge of this fast-growing phenomenon.”

For a more detailed case study about Intellicone, visit or contact Nick Wilcox at

About ETI and Beamfly: ETI Software Solutions has been a global communications technology and services provider for 24 years, developing the tools broadband service providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently. Its expertise in back office integration and connected devices birthed the Beamfly platform, a unified device management software platform to activate, monitor and monetize IoT devices, networks and applications. For more information please visit and

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