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ETI Launches Triad6 for Agile and Efficient Operations

Triad 6 helps reduce system complexity and brings new services to market, faster

FIBER CONNECT, NASHVILLE, TN – June 14, 2022: Fiber broadband providers from across the country are meeting at Fiber Connect this week as billions of government dollars are being allocated to upgrade networks. But providers face many obstacles: competition has skyrocketed; technology is evolving at top speed. Older networks that have grown over time are siloed and are complex to operate and integrate. Security and scalability have never been more important as cloud services spring up and market demand increases.

“Simplifying service orchestration and fulfillment is essential for survival,” said ETI President Jeff Fraleigh. “Still, the transformation is hard, costs money, and creates a host of risks (outages, disrupting services, hurting customer satisfaction); it’s complex and difficult to know where to begin.”

ETI Software Solutions, an industry leader serving telcos, municipalities and utility broadband providers, has responded to these challenges by rearchitecting Triad6, its flagship solution, from a traditional on-premise solution to a managed service, provisioning-as-a-service model. “This changes the paradigm: not only do we provide single platform to manage subscribers, automate service delivery and provision networks and devices, but we add vital security through the cloud and take the burden off of internal IT staff,” said Fraleigh.

Triad6 offers enhanced features such as zero-trust security and single sign-on, visualizations of system health as well as proactive alerting capabilities. Visit Booth 210 in the Expo Hall at Fiber Connect or click here to learn more.