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May 30, 2023

ETI and TiVo: Redefining Video Service Delivery and Management

ETI and TiVo partner together to enable operators to leverage their current infrastructure while seamlessly integrating IP video streaming and OTT content from TiVo’s cloud-based, multi-screen platform.  After the acquisition of MobiTV, another ETI partner, TiVo has a solution that allows full cloud delivery, including content that several of our joint customers have also adopted.

The ETI-TiVo solution benefits both subscribers and providers by providing an enhanced user experience with features like personalized voice control, mobile device support, and a modern user interface.  Many features can be supported across linear and OTT platforms, giving providers a way to drive customer interaction and engagement and therefore reduce churn.

Streamlining Service Activation and Provisioning

Diving into the details of our provisioning model, ETI’s OSS solution, Triad, communicates with multiple endpoints in the TiVo system. Based in the cloud, it supports service activation, provisioning, and management of subscribers, devices, and services that those devices receive. For TiVo, when a subscriber logs in from a mobile device or a set-top box boots up, they send out a partner provisioning service request, which Triad receives and handles the provisioning to make sure that all the services available for that account and device are set up correctly and activated on time.

Supports Authentication, Analytics, And Billing Integrations

ETI’s in-home detection server validates whether or not the service is being delivered to a device inside the subscriber’s home. This ensures that only the paying subscriber is receiving services. Our solution also includes additional analytics and monitoring functionality, which helps us make sure that we’re honoring TiVo’s requirements. As always, ETI’s architecture leverages existing integrations to the northbound interfaces such as Amdocs, CSG, Netcracker, and all current billing systems.

Off-the-shelf functionality tied into our provisioning suite makes a TiVo integration seamless. To learn more, check out this video.


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Greg Gross - Vice President, Project Management Office

Greg has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. A long-time employee of ETI, he started his career running the Technical Services department, enforcing the ETI “customer-first” service mandate. An experienced software and hardware technician, operating system specialist, and project manager, he has been a key contributor to ETI’s growth as an industry leader. Greg has a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Southern University. He resides in North Georgia with his family.