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Network Operator Selects ETI’s Platform as Foundation for Rapid Greenfield Growth

“The biggest risk to network operators today is not moving fast enough.” — CFO

A long-time network operator supplying fixed wireless and data services to the Eastern United States accepted the challenge to bring broadband to surrounding counties and thousands of unserved residents. Backed by state, federal and private equity funding, the operator sought to construct a greenfield 5,000-mile regional fiber-to-the-home broadband network to bring access to 100,000 unserved locations across 8 counties.


Aggressive timeline: The operator and its public and private partners set an aggressive schedule to deploy the much-needed broadband to these regions. To meet compliance deadlines and compete with worsening supply chain issues the operator knew executing prompt and on-budget construction plans was paramount.
Control OpEx:
The operator understood that the long-term viability of broadband networks is a function of the reliability and affordability of the systems. Therefore, designing and deploying network infrastructure and system with the lowest possible operating expense profile was critical.
Complex/Legacy IT:
Having existing infrastructure and systems supporting its current fixed wireless business, the operator sought to reduce IT complexity by consolidating legacy systems and disparate data sources as well as streamline process and operational complexity wherever possible.


After extensive third-party analysis, the operator decided that ETI would be the foundation for growth.
They deployed ETI’s Service Management Platform
(SMP) including:
a branded subscriber portal

order management process

field service/mobile field service tools

provisioning/service activation and device management
customer engagement module

CRM and marketing automation

inventory management and control

construction management

billing, finance/ERP and payment processing


Accurate reporting: Financial and inventory reporting improves supply chain management, including compliance reporting to public and private funding partners.
Industry standards:
ETI’s SMP is based on TM Forum data models, workflows, and business/operational processes to ensure best practices.
Empower subscribers:
Via convenient self-service web portal and mobile app.
Streamline installations:
During installs, SMP enables field engineers to remote test devices, ensuring the best possible day one experience.
QoS monitoring:
SMP provides visibility into KPIs collected from customer equipment helping to assess and compare customer quality of service to benchmarks.
Visibility into network health:
Individual customer equipment performance is aggregated to monitor the health of the entire network.
Remote fault resolution:
Tools and intelligence allow CSRs to test, diagnose and resolve issues without the need for on-site visits.

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