Device Monitoring For Telecoms

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Device Monitoring For Telecoms

Device monitoring for telecoms helps to give companies end-to-end integration and views to help control, monitor, and update all devices and systems on a network. With it, everyone from CSRs to executives will get real-time analytics and insight that help them to make decisions in seconds, monitor (and adjust) workloads, and extract true value from their client base.

ETI’s technology allows telecoms, utilities, ISPs and WISPs to remotely monitor a device, manage it, update it, and more. With this service, companies can introduce a new level of customer service over the phone, through online help, or even without any interference from those clients. They will be able to change the state of a device, refresh it, push out updates, provision, adjust bandwidth, and more without the need to stop a system from working for long periods of time.

Historically, telecommunications companies have struggled to keep up with demands as they work on devices from a central point. There is a continued need to send trucks to individual neighborhoods or homes to update systems or handle problems. This costs money, time, effort, and resources that could be better used in other capacities. With device monitoring for telecoms from ETI, this work can be handled at great distances in just a few seconds. However, it goes further than that. With this technology, everything, from pushing out upgrades to devices or making universal changes, can be automated. The system will know when, how, and why to do specific actions to cause the least amount of disruption. Companies will no longer need to push switches or firmware for versioning and then expect hundreds of calls.

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TR-069 Device Monitoring

Telecommunications companies do not need to control one or two devices. Instead, they need to control multiple TR-069 devices of different versions, varieties, and constructions. ETI’s industry-defining software helps to give real-time diagnostics through smart device monitoring. Even more, they will be able to handle all customer-facing interactions with integrity and intelligence. Every interaction with a customer is a chance to sell them on services. Use device monitoring to proactively detect any issues with the network, increase efficiency in the workforce, and empower CSRs with the tools they need to address any customer problems.

Device monitoring will allow CSRs to get an overhead look at devices in a specific area and then zero in on specific devices within a home or business to understand what is happening, what isn’t happening, and determine a solution to the problem. There is no need to wait for a client to do specific actions, as the representative will be able to control the device themselves with remote device monitoring, restarting capabilities, information pushes, and solutions.

How Does Device Monitoring Help Telecoms?

Device monitoring helps telecommunications companies at almost every level, from helping CSRs reduce customer churn to helping technicians go where they are truly needed. It eliminates the need for work that takes just a few minutes to handle, but takes hours in travel time. Most support calls can be solved in less than half of the time they used to take thanks to device monitoring that will not only identify issues, it will also help to identify solutions. Use the friendly, customizable console to fit with your branding. Our device monitoring tools work with all TR-069 compliant devices.

Additionally, device monitoring can completely eliminate the need for a large portion of truck rolls or service escalations. CSRs will be able to manage most of customers’ common issues, including WiFi passwords, connection problems, and parental controls. This improves overall satisfaction and reduces customer churn. Unlike some of the other solutions available, ETI’s software has a proven track record of scalability: going from monitoring a few thousand devices to millions with relative ease.

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Device Monitoring For WISPs In Real-Time

ETI’s software can help with device monitoring for WISPs, supplying real-time information to help eliminate customer churn, lower operational costs, and gain insight from customer data. The real-time, automated workflows help to reduce the need for customer calls. When they do call, their problems are solved in a fraction of the time and with less “work” from them. They are able to get a solution on the call instead of waiting for a technician. This helps to cut costs as well, eliminating the need to send out technicians and teams for problems that can be solved over the phone.

Once the call is completed, teams will be able to use a GeoSpatial Monitoring Dashboard to see relevant data and connectivity analysis to identify areas where there may be problems.

Use Our Industry-Leading Device Monitoring Dashboard

ETI’s device monitoring dashboard will help with the real-time, remote device management of CPEs. From just a single integrated dashboard that can be personalized, telecoms can:

  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades;
  • Change event triggers;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Complete remote provisioning;
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps;
  • Identify problem areas

Using ETI’s cloud-based dashboard, telecoms will be able to visually identify, solve, and prevent issues quickly. Often, it will be before customers will even notice there is a problem. The dashboard allows for WISP performance monitoring to collect information that measures trends and can help to predict when, where, and how issues will emerge – regardless of the vendor of the devices.

Additionally, the WISP dashboard can track the quality of the signal to a device to eliminate issues immediately after installation. Identify when new buildings or structures will cause problems or when trees have grown into the pathway of the signal. With device monitoring for telecoms, it is easy to get a list of devices and their connection ratings to see when, where, and how to make changes.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Device Monitoring For Telecoms?

With device monitoring for telecoms, companies will get real-time, automated workflows, reduced customer churn, increased subscriber satisfaction, proactive service, reduced operational costs, and speed incident awareness. At the same time, there will be fewer truck rolls and field expenses thanks to remote upgrades and outage identification.

ETI’s software offers companies an unprecedented look at their entire service area both at large and down to the smallest details. This is going to change the way telecommunications companies operate – click here to find out more information.

Device Monitoring That Gathers Insights

Device monitoring automation for telecom companies gives CSRs the ability to proactively problem-solve. ETI’s device management system gathers historical data so that trends and patterns can be tracked.. This reduces headaches within the workforce and reduces customer churn. Furthermore, the insights can be used to improve the system, build new business goals, and even more into new communities. With location mapping, easily see which communities pose issues and which ones need upgrades.

ETI’s software fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, there’s no need to spend days upon days changing everything about how the company runs. Instead, get additional insight from day one.

ETI’s Device Management: Get It Today

It is a constant problem for many telecom companies to face – how to quickly implement new services without disruption of their back end systems. Today’s device monitoring must be versatile and powerful while staying accurate and easy to use. Even more importantly, it needs to work with a wide range of devices and systems.

The future is already here. ETI is driving innovation by developing solutions that address the main concerns of service providers. For more information about how to better monitor your devices, reach out to ETI Software Solutions today.