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Wi-Fi 6 Not Just for Consumer Market, Enterprise Sees Momentum

The latest ABI Research report reveals the estimated growth rate for Wi-Fi 6 shipments in the near future.

HomeGrid Forum Outlines the Case for G.hn

Technology vendors and service providers must work together to provide the market with interoperable standards-based networking solutions that leverage existing wired infrastructure, said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu.

Wi-Fi Roaming Survey Finds Support for WBA Standard

Seventy-nine percent of service providers, equipment manufacturers and enterprises have or plan to adopt the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s OpenRoaming Wi-Fi standard, according to a Wi-Fi roaming survey from WBA.

New Data Highlights Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Opportunities

Advanced wireless technologies are gaining in strategic importance, according to a report by management consulting powerhouse Deloitte.