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Bridging the Digital Divide: How Libraries Are Becoming Connectivity Hubs

The following summary has been condensed for length and readability. To listen to the full discussion, click here. This episode is sponsored by ETI Software and VETRO FiberMap. Beau Ford, the Digital Equity and Inclusion Program Manager for the New Mexico State Library, joined the Broadband Bunch podcast to discuss his work bridging the digital […]

 ISPs Reeling Under Massive Reporting Demands

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) new broadband labeling requirement will provide unprecedented transparency to consumers while layering on more complex data reporting for ISPs. With a focus on product and service clarity and consumer empowerment, this mandate is set to revolutionize how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate. Starting in early April 2024, ISPs are required […]

Wireless Internet and Digital Transformation: Uniting Communities

The following transcript has been edited for length and readability. Listen to the entire discussion here on The Broadband Bunch. The Broadband Bunch is sponsored by ETI Software. Brad Hine: Hello, everyone in broadband land. Welcome to another episode of The Broadband Bunch. I’m Brad Hine, your host, here with stories, stats, and samples from […]