"Monetization is a broad term, but to us it means partnering with each of our customers to solve business challenges and create new revenue."

Dorian Barja
Vice President, Operations, ETI Software

Monetization Strategy

Hitting The Moving

Target of Monetization

How to Achieve Monetization During the Digital Revolution

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of network operations and technology challenges and lose sight of the ultimate goal of a service provider: to make money. Monetization is more than an ubiquitous catch-phrase – it’s a vital part of remaining competitive. And ETI is the intrinsic part of any monetization strategy.

Our ETI suite provides solutions for telecom and cable companies that are looking to create new revenue streams using their existing assets. Our solutions provide the technical foundation to add new services like VoIP and IPTV, analyze data to uncover upsell opportunities, provide intelligence for smarter decisions and improve overall efficiency.

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How ETI Can Help with Monetization

Analyze Sales Metrics

Harness your subscriber data to reveal buying patterns, track disconnects and target your marketing campaigns.

Track Hard Assets

Inventory tracking is crucial to controlling costs and increasing utilization.

Optimize New Technology

Automate and streamline your back-office systems to make new service roll-out faster and more profitable.

Grow Your Footprint

Plot network expansions based on marketing and sales data to directly influence your bottom line.

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Actionable Intelligence

More than just a mapping tool, it estimates costs and tracks ROI of expansion projects.



Faster Go-To-Market Strategy

Automated activation with 70+ pre-integrated technologies that can be turned up quickly without customer disruption