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The Self-Care Portal: Empowering Subscribers

Increase customer satisfaction and response time, while simultaneously reducing customer calls to your Customer Service Representatives.

ETI’s Self-Care Portal is a browser-based self-help tool that allows subscribers to self-manage many issues that historically required a phone call to a Customer Service Representative. Subscribers now have the power to address and control common functions such as forgotten WiFi passwords, port forwarding, parental controls and much more. Customers can access their account online using an existing username and password by leveraging the ETI platform for authentication.


The ETI Advantage

Developed with the standard API’s already provided by ETI, the Self-Care Portal is designed to grow with your evolving technology. As your organization offers new products and services, the portal can be easily adapted to support new self-care features and requirements. Additionally, the Self-Care Portal can provide diagnostic feedback and notify subscribers of service outages.


  • Operates on any recent browser, including mobile devices
  • Self-manage options for WiFI settings, LAN settings, Port Forwarding
  • Self-manage options for forgotten passwords and updating SSID
  • Will initiate device re-boots to push updates
  • Includes self-managed Parental Controls


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