CSR Console

ACS CSR Console to Improve CSR Efficiency

Easy to Use CSR Console

“One-Click fixes” to empower your CSRs to diagnose and resolve common subscriber device issues

The ETI ACS – CSR Console is a tool which gives the customer support team the ability to utilize the TR-069 ACS to solve customer issues in an easy-to-use format, essentially removing the complexities of the TR-069 standard, device models, scripting, and other technical features.


The ETI Advantage

By eliminating the technical intricacies of the ACS TR-069 protocol, the non-technical CSR has the power to:

  • Reduce call handling times
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Provide a better level of customer service
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce churn


  • Gives all levels of support staff access to the functionality of the ACS
  • Enables all CPE settings to be viewed and modified remotely with ease
  • Simplifies the processes required to manage CPEs, including monitoring, diagnostics and the provisioning of value-added services, e.g. VoIP and IPTV
  • Gives helpdesk staff access to real-time diagnostics and one-click fixes which can be assigned to provide simple and quick solutions to the most common support desk calls
  • Firmware updates, factory resets, reboots, wireless channel changes and password changes are just some of the actions which can be easily triggered at the touch of a button


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