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Broadband Forum Standards Testing for ACS Devices

Ensuring devices meet TR-069 standards and are fully interoperable while maintaining a quality customer experience is the goal of the ETI’s ACS Testing Program.

The ETI’s ACS Interoperability Test Program enables CPE vendors and manufacturers of other TR-069 enabled devices to ensure compliance with the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 standard and its extensions (including TR-098, TR-104, TR-106, and TR-110). From connectivity tests to procedure calls to firmware updates, the ETI’s ACS Test Program is available for multiple devices including: Internet Gateway Devices (IGD), WiFi access points, VoIP phones, IPTV set-top boxes, modems, routers, webcams, and more. Once verified, vendors are sent an official certificate of interoperability.


The ETI Advantage

Benefits of the ETI’s ACS Testing program are vast.

  • Promotion of certified CPEs and LAN devices as fully interoperable with our TR-069 device management platform
  • Support in bringing TR-069 (and its extensions: TR-098, TR-104, TR-106, and TR-110) based hardware devices to market
  • Access to the ETI’s ACS QA platform for interoperability testing, development, demonstrations & QA testing
  • Access to ETI’s team of TR-069 experts
  • Sales and technical support


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