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ETI Receives Best Company Award From Internet 2.0 Conference

Given annually to IT, cloud computing, machine learning and AI Innovators

 ATLANTA, GA – April 11, 2022: ETI Software was honored to receive the 2022 Best Companies award at the Internet 2.0 Conference last week in Las Vegas. The conference gives the award annually to companies at the forefront of telecommunication technology.

Pete Pifer (left) and Rhyan Neble accept the Best Companies Award from the Internet 2.0 Conference

ETI was recognized for its partnership with Microsoft to build a next-gen solution that gives service providers a 360-degree view of their subscribers, enhancing the customer journey while simplifying back office functionality. Because it is standards-based, utilizing open architecture, the ETI solution gives service providers a secure, scalable, and future-proofed network.

Rhyan Neble, ETI VP of Product Innovation, presented the keynote speech, “Digital Transformation, A Defensive Guide,” where he discusses the building blocks necessary for a successful digital transformation. “It’s not a question of if you are going to transform, but when,” he comments. “It’s an iterative process; a framework where you must adopt a strategy, create a roadmap and constantly assess where you are against that roadmap.”

Peter Pifer, ETI Founder and Chairman was on hand to accept the award. “This honor belongs to our entire team, who are dedicated to providing enterprise-class broadband network management for providers of all sizes,” said Pifer. “Our intellectual property bridges legacy networks with next gen solutions, giving broadband service providers a modular approach to digital transformation – enabling incremental modernization without any disruption to existing systems.”