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ETI Joins Michigan’s Merit Marketplace

ETI Software provides the operational support tools that communities need to deliver reliable and affordable broadband to those most in need regardless of where they live.

ATLANTA, GA –  November 6 2020: ETI Software Solutions is pleased to announce they joined the Merit Marketplace in order to provide Merit’s members with service management solutions that simplify municipal and utility fiber deployments.  With the strategic partnership between ETI Software and Merit Network, members of the Merit Marketplace can reduce costs, improve subscriber experience and offer next gen services reliably and affordably to their communities.

“We are delighted to partner with Merit Network and join the Merit Marketplace,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President at ETI Software. “We look forward to serving Merit’s members with our commitment to putting their subscribers at the center of our universe and providing them with the tools and support to offer the same superior customer support to their communities.”

ETI Software is seeing a surge in demand for both its traditional and new product lines. We are expanding our products to address the new demands in the telecom, muni/utility and electric co-op space, especially in the light of COVID-19.  Many of these changes are here to stay, particularly the idea that broadband connections are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  ETI is focusing its efforts to greatly reduce the time to bring on new networks or services to unserved or underserved communities across the United States.

The Merit Marketplace offers a wide variety of software, training and services that are critical to research and education organizations. Through strong relationships and the power of collective bargaining, Merit and their vendors offer exclusive discounts to help their Membership run their organizations.

“Our goal is to provide a wide variety of high-quality services at exclusive discounts through our vendor relationships,” said Pierrette Dagg, Director of Communications and Marketing at Merit Network. “We are excited to offer our members ETI Software’s solutions through the Merit Marketplace.”

About ETI Software Solutions

A global leader in communications software technology and services for over 25 years, ETI Software Solutions continues to deliver the tools that telcos, municipalities, utility co-ops, open access providers and WISPs need to manage complex systems more efficiently, reduce operating costs and ensure optimal quality of service. For more information, visit or email

About Merit Network

Merit Network is a non-profit, member-owned organization that provides high-performance networking and services to research and education communities. Founded by Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan, Merit pioneered many of the practices and protocols used in today’s Internet.