BSS/OSS Requirements to Support FTTx

September 19, 2016

ETI’s Vision BSS is a complete billing and customer care software solution which supports all aspects of delivering broadband services,…


What the Heck is Big Data and Why Should Telecoms Care?

August 19, 2016

In the last many years the telecom industry term big data has been used to represent any and every data…


3 Simple Ways GIS Data Can Improve Marketing and Sales

July 19, 2016

These days it’s a necessity for any service provider with a physical “service network” to plot it in a GIS-based…


Where Is My Network? The 3 Must-Haves of Every FMS Tool

June 19, 2016

You ever stop to think of all the data that exists within a service provider’s (SP’s) entire operation and business…


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