Digital Transformation for Broadband Service Providers

A Closer Look

March 18, 2021

Can all service providers, regardless of size, realize the promise of the digital transformational vision? Digital transformation is not a destination but a journey and it’s a journey that service providers must go through to stay successful.


Wi-Fi Alliance Enhances Wi-Fi Certified Optimized Connectivity

March 15, 2021

The Wi-Fi Alliance has added features to Wi-Fi Certified Optimized Connectivity, a certification program that helps ensure users’ ability to discover Wi-Fi networks and select access points.


Utopia Fiber: America’s Largest Open Access Network

A podcast with Chief Marketing Officer for UTOPIA, Kim McKinley, and Executive Director of UTOPIA, Roger Timmerman.

March 10, 2021

In this episode, we speak with Roger Timmerman, CEO and Kim McKinley, CMO of Utopia Fiber, an Open Access Network model that promotes competition in all telecommunications services. There are currently 17 retail service providers on the UTOPIA network. UTOPIA’s 15 service areas, represent nearly a third of all communities in the United States that can enjoy 10 gigabit service via a publicly owned network – 100 times faster than the national average.


FCC To Tackle Broadband Data and Maps

A New Broadband Task Force Will Tackle Broadband Mapping

February 22, 2021

A new broadband data task force is being tasked with implementing improvements to the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband data and mapping tools, the FCC announced last week.


Fiber Broadband Infrastructure Construction with a Platform that Digitizes Workflows End-to-End

Bryan McIver, Chief Executive Officer of Vitruvi

February 18, 2021

Our guest on today’s podcast is Bryan McIver, the CEO of Vitruvi which provides Infrastructure Construction Management Software. Bryan talks with us about how he got his start in “horizontal” construction and the challenges that led him to develop Vitruvi’s platform. He tells us how the platform brings fiber broadband infrastructure construction project teams, processes and real-time data together – for efficiency and control.


High Speed Fiber Broadband – “Let’s Wire Up the World”

Brian McCullagh, Director of Business Development at Vianet

February 17, 2021

Join us as we speak with Brian McCullagh, Director of Business Development with Vianet, a fiber broadband service provider in Ontario, Canada. Brian shares with us the challenges to closing the broadband gap in Canada. He also talks about expanding fiber broadband infrastructure around geographic limitations, the need for government funding and public-private partnerships.


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