Outsourcing High Quality, Cost Effective Solutions

Developing cutting-edge software solutions and providing superior support and testing for top brands in the IT industry.

Eastern Europe is widely recognized as one of the top destinations for outsourcing a range of IT work, from business processes and software development to support and testing due to a highly skilled workforce and a lower cost of doing business. For these reasons, ETI established an IT center of excellence in Kardjali, Bulgaria to provide outsourcing services to companies across the globe.

The Kardjali division currently manages some of the world’s top brands in the IT industry, ensuring outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. The team operates 24/7 to supply these large global corporations with the essential IT support services which they require to run their businesses effectively. As well as providing general IT support, the Kardjali team is also responsible for developing cutting-edge software solutions, including applications and support for the Vision ACS TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server.

The ETI Advantage

As a major Eastern European outsourcing supplier, ETI Bulgaria provides the following services:

  • Software Development

Our team of experts can carry out a wide range of projects including product development, data migration and online systems utilizing a wide variety of programming tools and techniques.

  • EMEA Support Desk

The EMEA support desk in Bulgaria is the ideal solution for businesses based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa looking to outsource to Eastern Europe. The Bulgarian help desk services both end customer product support teams, as well as 2nd and 3rd line support teams for our global customers.

  • Testing

Our test teams are involved in numerous projects including unit testing, QA testing and ‘Acceptance into Service’ testing, along with supporting due diligence activities for procurement. Our testing services cover a wide range of devices, operating systems and browsers.

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