WISP Management Tools For Telecommunications Companies

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WISP Management Tools For Telecommunications Companies

WISP management tools for telecommunications companies play a pivotal role in reducing customer churn, increasing profits, limiting truck rolls, and keeping everyone on the same page. These tools help to optimize and support customer service representatives as they help existing customers troubleshoot, add services, and understand their connections. They also aim to promote cohesiveness across the workforce, smartly scheduling upgrades, maintenance, and truck rolls. At ETI Software, our WISP management tools for telecommunications companies include device management solutions for Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet-LAN connections for video, voice, data, and IoT communications.

To understand how ETI’s Unified Device Management gives you a complete overview of your services, devices, and coverage areas, click here.

Smart, Effective WISP Management Tools

ETI provides smarter and more effective WISP management tools that integrate onto a single platform that works with your existing system. This interactive dashboard compresses everything into easy-to-understand statistics and analytics that allows companies to spot issues as soon as they occur and often before customers notice. With implementation, the software supports companies as they integrate new services, build on network efficiency, scale to meet ever-growing needs, and remain reliable and useful for households and businesses.

Furthermore, our software comes with a unique and innovative geospatial dashboard that highlights service areas, identifies problem areas, and helps with planning, customer management, and expansion.

Even so, our WISP management tools aren’t complicated or difficult to understand. There is little need for training, nor is there a large learning curve. Instead, representatives are able to see a simple overview of real-time data and analytics to help the customer interactions they have.

With just a few clicks, CSRs will be able to get instant information about subscriber accounts and services, work order statuses, any problem areas, access to entitlements, and a lifecycle view of service history that they can use to better serve their customers.

At the same time, maintenance teams can smartly plan roll-outs and upgrades by hitting those areas that need the most help.

Unified Device Management: A WISP Management Tool

ETI’s Unified Device Management provides WISP management tools to help monitor and manage devices from all vendors. This monitoring and management can be done remotely, with complete connectivity available in real-time. The software enables companies to discover problems where they exist and then go to work finding a solution, using historical data to help speed up the process. Once the process has been resolved, the software can continue to check for any relapses.

The result? Significant reductions in customer churn and increases in customer satisfaction. Customers no longer have to sit for hours on the phone or internet, trying to find a solution to their problems. They don’t have to do the work themselves. It cuts down on the length of CSR calls, enabling time to be used wisely.

Unified Device Management also reduces the amount of truck rolls for the company, as technicians don’t have to go directly into customer homes. This frees up the workforce for jobs that increase profits.

ETI’s WISP management tools work on nearly all devices and integrate to existing monitoring systems seamlessly. These tools cut down on the work that needs to be done at the onset of installation and requires very little to no maintenance or downtime. We have one of the largest libraries of vendor integrations. Most are ready to go off the shelf, and there is no need to custom build or customize anything. Telecommunications companies won’t have to worry about upgrades or changes to the software itself, as that is handled by ETI.

To understand how ETI’s Unified Device Management gives you a complete overview of your services, devices, and coverage areas, click here to see more.

What Is The Value Of WISP Management Tools?

One of the greatest improvements that WISP management tools will make for any company is the ability to work remotely, connecting to devices in homes from all over. This saves truck rolls, unnecessary stress, and money. A large majority of the problems facing customers can be solved remotely. These tools also help to identify problems before they become widespread, limiting the damage and the amount of work necessary. All of the live data can be used to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

ETI offers one distinct advantage over other WISP management tools, and that is the unique geospatial dashboard that gives location intelligence in real-time. It shows companies the current status designation (good, average, poor, offline). Competitor software doesn’t include this and won’t allow people to visualize their whole footprint, essentially stunting the effectiveness of those tools.

Get ETI’s WISP Management Dashboard

Telecommunications companies get all of this on a single, integrated dashboard that allows teams to automate deployment, push firmware updates, change event triggers, manage inventory, remotely provision, get real-time data, and identify problem areas.

These cloud-based tools work in real-time, identifying issues before they may even become customer facing. It doesn’t just help in the current moment, however. This dashboard can also help to identify where problems started and help with future planning and building on existing services. They can even identify issues with new building construction, tree growth, and more.

Additionally, Unified Device Management can push out updates with the click of a button, reducing headaches for CSRs and technicians. The tools are scalable and flexible, working with different devices and services.

Why ETI’s WISP Management Tools Are The Best Fit For All Companies

ETI Software’s device management platform, Unified Device Management, can help. Unified Device Management gives telecommunications companies the ability to coordinate operations between known SAS info and real RF stats. Unified Device Management then tracks SINR by cross-referencing radio stats over time with EARFCN ( E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number). No matter how the SAS changes or shifts, Unified Device Management can help keep track of devices and their usage and help to catch problems before they happen. Band 48 Migration and monitoring is one of many examples where remote device management is a time and cost saver for WISPs.

To understand how ETI’s Unified Device Management gives you a complete overview of your services, devices, and coverage areas, click here to see more.