Top-Rated Telco Billing Solutions

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Top-Rated Telco Billing Solutions

Within the world of telco billing solutions, there is one thing that reigns supreme: making the customer feel like their information is protected and safe. Telecommunications companies and providers need to be able to bill their customers in the easiest way possible, through printed bills for old fashioned customers, and online. These bills need to be accurate and thorough to provide as much information as possible to the communications provider to help plan for future service, expansion, and offers.

ETI’s telco billing solutions provide a secure, cloud-hosted platform and dashboard that offers a complete suite of tools to help everyone from customer service to the sales team. Communications providers will have a quick way to easily see what’s happening within a certain area, time frame, and sector. All the while, that information is kept secure and protected from hackers.

ETI’s Service Management Platform includes an Accounting module through Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offers end-to-end billing and subscriber management. Click here to learn more about ETI’s telco billing software and opportunities.

ETI’s Best-In-Class Telco Billing Solutions

ETI’s top-rated telco billing solution does everything a company needs to organize information, keep customers informed and up to date about bill changes, and put everything in one place for customer service representatives, sales teams, technicians, and more. It goes above and beyond to provide amenities and analytics that other software does, empowering companies to fully understand their customer bases and allowing those customers to understand their bill. The result? Fewer service calls and more transparency in billing.

Some of the product features of ETI’s telecommunications billing solutions include:

Service Rating Collection: Get instant access to all of the information needed about consumption data, calculate charges, billing, prorate, and call rating on recurring cycles for standard and nonstandard intervals.

Customer Receivables Management: Easily monitor and bill customers with accuracy, automatically process payments at the right time, and manage the debt collection process with ease.

Financial Close and Reporting Compliance: Get instant, in-depth reports and analytics for accounts receivable and payable with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Inventory Management Intelligence: Get unmatched insight into when to replenish; automate POs based sales forecasts, and expected stock outs.

Project Management: Manage customer projects with various teams easily. Get timesheets, job costs, and reporting capabilities in an instant.

Budget Control: Ensure project profitability with ETI’s telco billing software and insights to help control your budget.

For more information about what ETI’s telco billing solution offers, keep reading.

Telco Billing Solutions For Municipalities & Utilities

For utility companies and municipalities that are looking to expand into telecommunications and broadband, or those who are simply looking to revamp and improve their billing processes, ETI’s billing software is the perfect opportunity to do so. This software helps companies use their existing billing frameworks and financial services. It simply augments them to fit within the frameworks of the software and provide better capabilities.

ETI’s telco billing solutions are flexible enough to be integrated with virtually any existing software, but they also stand on their own as a starting point. Providers can provision and bill automatically while also getting expansion opportunities, choices for how to bill their customers, and opportunities to set up new accounts.

Want to learn more about how we’ve helped companies who work with our software? Check out our case studies here.

Telco Billing Solutions Help You Limit Expenses & Boost Profitability

If a company wants to maximize profitability while limiting expenses, much of what they need to do requires keeping their existing customers happy. Customers who have access to accurate, detailed bills are less likely to switch to another provider or drop services. At the same time, when they do call in with questions, it is much more likely that they will get a quick, fulfilling answer from customer service when CSRs are given the tools they need.

Good billing solutions for telecommunications companies gives you the opportunity to better serve your customers, meet their needs, and exceed their expectations. Billing problems are one of the top causes of customer churn, so handling them quickly is important. Customers can even use their own online accounts to help solve their own problems.

Some of the other telecom billing solutions our software provides includes:

  • Quote Generation
  • Contract Management
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Payment Processing

To find out more information about ETI Software’s telecommunications billing solutions and software, and how it can help businesses maximize profitability and reduce customer churn, click here to watch an informational video.

Telecommunications Billing Solution To Manage Financial Information

Financial information is touchy and it is important for every telecommunications company to treat this information with care. If it gets into the wrong hands, it can spell financial devastation for your customers. With a hack, your entire business could be levelled.

Also important, providing accurate financial information is key to keep your business safe. ETI’s communications billing solution ensures that your numbers are accurate, in compliance, and helpful if something goes wrong.

Our telecommunications billing solution and software can help to:

  • Generate bills for customers
  • Process customer payments with ease
  • Manage debt collection and monitoring
  • Establish payment plans for delinquent accounts
  • Monitor accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Provide comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Support bank reconciliation
  • Ensure proper fixed asset management
  • Help with monthly or yearly closing

To find out more information about our solutions and why they are ideal for telecommunications companies of all sizes, contact us today.

Telco Billing Solution With A Focus On Safety

In today’s world, clients need transparency when it comes to their safety and security. They want to know what you are doing to keep their financial and personal information safe. They are trusting their credit card information with you, putting it into your website, automating their billing, and using it to buy add-ons. If they don’t trust your platform, they won’t do that and you are losing out on income.

Business Central, which is part of ETI’s billing solution, uses a layered approach to keep everything securted. We do this through:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Auditing
  • Data Encryption
  • Compliance

Of course, customers aren’t the only ones who need to trust the software you use – you do as well. ETI has a long history of success in helping telecom companies, municipalities, and utility companies with their billing and other important facets of their organizations. Click here to learn more in our case studies.

Get ETI’s Best Telco Billing Solution Today

With just a single dashboard, our telecom billing solution helps companies large and small to reach their goals, reduce customer churn, and have better employee satisfaction than ever before with easy-to-use billing software and more. We do this by improving the system you already have (if you have one) instead of replacing it. If you don’t have a system in place, we can help you set one up that works for you.

Some of our functions include:

  • Bill monitoring;
  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services;
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades;
  • Change event triggers;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Complete remote provisioning;
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps;
  • Identify problem areas

The dashboard uses cloud-based technology that is faster and more efficient than any other product. WISPs can identify, diagnose, and fix problems with billing, as well as other items, before customers even notice they exist. This dashboard can also help with future planning and building on existing services. It works regardless of the technology and vendor of the devices.

The dashboard is effective from the time of installation to the retirement of devices and services. It is fully customizable and ready for WISPs of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about the telecom billing software solutions of ETI Software.