Telecommunications Device Management

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Telecommunications Device Management

Telecommunications device management is a tricky and complex subject, particularly when there is a need to provide end-to-end system integrations. Even so, there is a need to control and monitor all devices all the time. When companies use telecommunications device management software, they get the option to access real-time analytics and insights that help them to make decisions, remotely connect to devices, manage devices, and make decisions. All of the data they gather helps to provide better customer support and service. With ETI’s telecommunications device management technologies, companies are able to remotely connect to a device and manage it without escalation to the Network Operation Center (NOC).. Customer service reps are able to work with customers over the phone, over an online platform, or not at all to change the state of the device, refresh it, provision, adjust bandwidth, and more.

In the past, telecommunications companies have struggled to work on devices from remote locations. Instead, they would need to send a truck to individual homes and update the systems in person. Thankfully, technology has made it so that isn’t necessary. With telecommunications device management from ETI, everything can be handled in just a few seconds and remotely.

However, the capabilities go even further than that. The process of updating devices, pushing out upgrades, and making changes can be automated by the system. With this smart technology, the system will know how, when, and why to do certain actions. Companies will be able to make the best decisions in just a few seconds when they need to push firmware or make updates.

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TR-069 Telecommunications Device Management

Another area of struggle for most telecommunications companies is TR-069 management. With this management, companies are able to control many devices at once and get real-time diagnostics to help them in multiple areas of their service. They can use this information to offer different services, upsell existing clients, plan for the future, and set goals.

Remember that every single service interaction is a chance to win a client or lose them. With ETI’s software, customers get a better experience every time. CSRs can use the software to proactively detect any issues on a network and get to work to fix the problem. They are able to get into the device to understand what’s going wrong. They won’t waste any time sitting around or waiting for clients to try to explain what’s happening or push buttons.

How Does Telecommunications Device Management Work?

Telecommunications device management helps companies in a few different ways, across the entire enterprise. CSRs and technicians get the most obvious benefits, but it can help sales teams and executives as well. Device management eliminates some of the technical intricacies that change quickly and take a long time to understand. Instead, the software provides quick solutions to some of the most frequent support calls. The friendly, customizable console can be changed to fit in with just about any branding and consoles. Our tools work with all TR-069 compliant devices.

Additionally, telecommunications device management can even eliminate the need for many CSR calls because customers are able to handle some of the most common issues on their own, including:

  • Connection issues
  • Parental controls
  • WiFi passwords
  • Bill offerings

When customers are able to manage their own problems and reach solutions quickly on their own, they are more likely to stay satisfied with their service and less likely to try other options.

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Telecommunications Device Management For WISPs

ETI’s software can help with telecommunications device management for WISPs, providing real-time information that can be used to:

Eliminate Customer Churn: Get real-time, automated workflows that will help to eliminate the need for customer calls at a high volume. When customers call, the issues can be resolved quickly. They won’t have to stay on hold or on the phone for a long time.

Lower Operational Costs: Through remote troubleshooting, remote fixes, and remote control, many operational costs are eliminated. Technicians won’t need to go out to as many sites and can be used for more important, revenue-generating tasks.

Gain Insight From Customer Data: ETI Software offers a GeoSpatial Monitoring Dashboard to see relevant data and connectivity analysis to identify areas where there may be problems.

Innovative Telecommunications Device Managing Dashboard

ETI’s dashboard is game-changing for telecommunications companies who need help with real-time, remote management of CPEs. With just a single dashboard that is integrated with the existing system, companies are able to:

  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades
  • Change event triggers
  • Manager inventory
  • Complete remote provisioning
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps
  • Identify problem areas

With ETI’s cloud-based dashboard, telecommunications companies are able to visually identify and solve issues quickly, at times even before customers can recognize the problem. The dashboard allows for ISP performance monitoring while collecting information to help mark trends and detect when there could be a problem.

While it does all of that, the dashboard will be able to track signal quality, which can help to locate and fix problems easily, especially right after installation. It will also help to measure when there needs to be maintained due to new builds or structures that cause problems.

Companies will be able to easily get a list of problem areas ahead of time so that they have time to plan out routine maintenance.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Telecommunications Device Management?

For telecommunications companies, the main benefits of device management include real-time, automated workflows that clear up personnel to do the tasks that make money for the company. They also help to reduce customer churn, which is increasing across the board. With increased subscriber satisfaction and reduced operational costs, companies will start to see growth.

Of course, ETI’s software integrates with existing software to ensure quick market entry, no customer downtime, and ease of use by CSRs. At the same time, ETI’s software offers companies an unprecedented look at their entire service area both at large and down to the smallest details.

Telecommunications Device Management That Gathers Insights

Automation allows for pattern recognition using the data gathered (as well as any historical data) to help push out updates before problems emerge. This allows for much less down time, which will increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn. It also helps to keep workflows manageable and predictable, helping with staffing concerns.

These insights can be used to further improve the system, set goals, hire new employees, and even expand into new communities. Location mapping is one of the best features, allowing us to see which communities pose issues and which ones need to be upgraded first (and which ones can wait).

The tool is scalable and flexible, working with different devices and services. Without a lot of work, it will easily integrate into what a telecommunications company already has.

ETI’s Device Management: Get It Today

It is a constant problem for many telecom companies to face – how to quickly implement new services without disruption of their back end systems. For any company, device management must be versatile and powerful while staying accurate and easy to use. Even more importantly, it needs to work with a wide range of devices and systems. Telecommunications device management is confusing and, at times, dangerous when it is done correctly.

No one has to worry about that with ETI.

ETI is driving innovation by developing solutions that address the main concerns of service providers. For more information about how to better manage your devices, reach out to ETI Software Solutions today.