Telecommunication Management: Get A Better, Faster, Smarter System Today

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Telecommunication Management: Get A Better, Faster, Smarter System Today

Working within the telecommunications sector has become harder and harder over the last few years, and that’s why telecommunications management has become so important for WISPs, utilities, companies, municipalities, and more. The ability to use a singular platform or database to manage everything, from subscribers, devices and services to networks and orders will revolutionize how broadband service providers operate. With good telecommunications management, customer churn is reduced, customer support representatives are empowered to make decisions, technicians have a better understanding of issues, and so much more. Everyone benefits from better management, including executives: so how can you achieve it?. ETI has a comprehensive but modular platform that provides a single view into all operations and for all levels of management.

ETI’s platform optimizes all of the services that a company provides and puts them into a system that is easy to integrate, simple to understand, and trackable. It streamlines services and operations for IoT communications, video, voice, data, product pushes, and more. Our software and platform provide service providers with the support they need, easy integrations with existing devices, and very little training. We take care of the questions, updates, and pushes for our system so that you always get the best.

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Telecommunication Management Supports All Areas Of A Business

Our telecommunication management platform doesn’t just help managers, it helps all of the critical components of a business: from those who work and those who receive the services. It uses one platform and empowers everyone with a simplistic overview of projects, and the intricate details that allow someone to dig deeper and take ownership of a project. From management, sales and marketing, and customer service, to technicians, team leaders, and operators,, every department within a telco, muni, utility or broadband provider benefits.

Telecommunication Management For Subscribers

ETI’s Telecommunications Management Platform puts power back into the customer’s hand so that they can find solutions to their issues, check on their billing, and even talk to CSRs in a shorter amount of time. They have the chance to be more self-sufficient and use a web portal to take on some of the jobs that used to require lengthy calls to customer service.

They can also get minute-by-minute updates on their work orders and the status of their services online, keeping them happier longer. This prevents backups for CSR calls that do require intervention from someone within the company.

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Empowering CSRs To Resolve Problems Quickly

Any company knows that customer service representatives have the greatest employee turnover because of how difficult their jobs can be. A good telecommunications management platform can reduce some of that stress. They don’t get the small calls that just create backups. Instead, they are able to focus on the calls that require their expertise and tools. They will be able to take the extra time necessary and go the extra mile to help someone who has a hard problem or maybe isn’t as tech-savvy as other customers. When your CSRs are happier, there is less employee turnover and everyone is happier.

Our telecommunication management offers a smart yet simple overview of the system that can provide up-to-date information to customers, give better predictions about timelines, and push problems forward that impact a higher number of customers. It gives complete transparency into customer accounts so that people can find and locate the problem quickly and efficiently. There is little need to get information from the client, instead CSRs have everything at their fingertips. When they find out the problem, they can quickly create and track a trouble ticket, giving them ownership of the issue. They can search for solutions, update the customer, keep technicians in the loop, and feel prouder of the work they do. They’ll also have access to SLA entitlements and knowledge base articles to help them do their jobs more successfully.

Finally, good, high-quality telecommunications management gives CSRs a lifecycle view of subscriber service history, helping them to recognize problems with hardware that have previously gone unnoticed or recognize those clients who have cycles of calls surrounding their bills and services.

Telecommunications Management System For Field Work

Field service management is one of the most important parts of any business or municipality: it literally keeps everything going. In order to be successful, telecommunications management must be aligned with a company to keep clients happy, expand their coverage areas, and to meet the potential that a company has. ETI’s telecommunications management helps to organize field service workers and leaders by giving them one place to look for everything they need – there is little risk of conflicting information, miscommunication, or confusion.

Within the system, predictive analytics and proactive field engagement transforms the speed and quality of issue resolution so that technicians can fulfill more orders in a day. Using scheduling and dispatching tools, the system ensures that the closest person to the problem gets to be the one to answer the call, the person who goes to the call has the right skills and tools to get the job done, and everyone feels empowered to finish the work. The work order management system and asset management helps to keep everyone on the same page and increase productivity.

For technicians and workers, everything is accessible on their phones. They can get the information they need while they are out on the field. They don’t need to find Wi-Fi or come back to a specific building to get their next job or the information they need. They can also update their time and billing information while on the go, leaving little room for mistakes and overtracking.

Finally, the telecommunication management platform provides better field service analytics to better understand the workforce, current needs, and even plan for the future.

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Telecommunications Management For Devices

ETI’s advantage is that it also helps with telecommunications device management. Our dashboard gives real-time information, monitoring, and service assurance for CPE management to help reduce the number of inefficiencies within a system, keep costs down, improve the subscriber experience, and enable next-generation services.

It gives technicians the ability to look into a device and solve any problem quickly because most fixes don’t require on-site testing. If a certain device is experiencing issues, an alarm is sent out to alert technicians to find a solution before customers notice the problem or it becomes widespread. It even opens up new opportunities for remote fixes and widespread pushes for optimized network performance and uptime, making customers happier and reducing labor and service costs.

Over time, the dashboard collects data to report on network performance and trends, helping identify areas where improvements can be made and helping to plan for future expansion.

Device Intelligence Dashboard From ETI Software

The Device Intelligence Dashboard, which is part of ETI’s telecommunications management, offers a wide range of tools to help businesses keep track of their numbers and create mandatory FCC reports in an instant. Marketing teams get unprecedented insight on penetration trends and how the market looks moving into the future, giving them valuable insight when they go to make sales or talk to customers who are thinking of leaving.

FIeld service leaders can see work order and service order reports individually or on a higher level to see how everything is going. It can help them to plan everything and make smarter decisions.

The telecommunications analytics suite provides advanced analytics and visualizations to solve business-level challenges, make proactive decisions and better manage operations from workforce management to sales/marketing.

Get ETI’s Best Telecommunications Management Software Today

With just a single dashboard, our telecommunications management software helps companies large and small to reach their goals, reduce customer churn, and have better employee satisfaction than ever before. Functions include:

  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services;
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades;
  • Change event triggers;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Complete remote provisioning;
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps;
  • Identify problem areas


The dashboard uses cloud-based technology that is faster and more efficient than any other product. WISPs, telcos, municipal broadband and electric co-ops can identify, diagnose, and fix problems before customers even notice they exist. This dashboard can also help with future planning and building on existing services. It works regardless of the technology and vendor of the devices.

The dashboard is effective from the time of installation to the retirement of devices and services. It is fully customizable and ready for providers of all shapes and sizes.

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