Service Management Platform For WISPs, Municipalities, & Utility Companies

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Service Management Platform For WISPs, Municipalities, & Utility Companies

Having a good service management platform can transform the way WISPs, municipalities, and utility companies function. It takes away some of the stressors that many of these businesses face and streamlines operations so that everyone is kept in the loop. When a system is aligned, everyone from technicians and customer service reps to stakeholders and customers understand what is happening, what will happen, and even what can happen. This results in better employee engagement, reduced customer churn, and better overall service.

ETI’s service management platform optimizes operations within companies large and small, supporting teams throughout the deployment process, service tickets, and even in downtimes. It works with both Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet-LAN connections for video, voice, data, and IoT communications. The service management software comes with end-to-end support, a virtual dashboard, client support, routine updates, and more. The complete overview will revolutionize the way your company operates. It has allowed companies to grow and scale at unprecedented rates.

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Streamline Operations & Communication With A Simplistic Service Management Platform

In particular, wireless internet service providers struggle to keep up with firmware updates, repairs, technical documentation, and customer calls while still maintaining a workforce and client base. While of course customer churn is always an issue, employee churn is high as well due to a lack of communication and difficult work. A good service management platform can streamline this work and make every day a little easier for CSRs and customers. Companies no longer have issues with documentation or communication among their workforce. Everyone is kept up to date using the platform that changes in real-time.

With a service management system from ETI, companies are able to get the support and information they need at every stage of deployment, integration, update, and servicing. The platform helps to increase efficiency and scale as companies grow. It provides a visual cue for developers, support for customer service reps, and even planning opportunities for investors and leaders. The geospatial nature of the dashboard, as well as the precise documentation, can help people visualize everything. Companies are able to target specific areas, get a bird’s eye view of what is going on, and plan for the future.

Our service management platform is simple, smart, and streamlined. There’s no need for extensive training or completely reinventing the wheel. Instead, it can be implemented in minutes and provide change for decades to come.

ETI’s Service Management Platform Is Easy To Integrate

ETI’s service management platform is device and hardware agnostic. It is ready off the shelf to enable CSRs, project managers, team leaders, and more to quickly, easily, and efficiently help customers, plan work, build templates, and more. With constant real-time updates, it is easy to see where the work is, what needs to be done, and what the future could hold. Our platform shows truck roll-outs, waiting times, problems, future work, past work, and more with just a few simple clicks. CSRs get updates, technicians can push changes, and managers know exactly what is happening and when.

As problems get solved and updates are pushed, everything is recorded so that if there is another problem into the future, it is solved even faster.

ETI’s service assurance management works on almost all devices, integrating within the current system of a WISP, municipality, or utility company to reduce the work that reps and technicians need to do on a daily basis. It streamlines activities so that people don’t need to take up customer and workforce time with small tasks. In addition, ETI has one of the largest libraries of vendor integrations, and that number continues to grow. Most are ready to go off the shelf, so there is no need to custom build or customize anything, though companies can certainly change and still use the system. Even better, it will update automatically so that most companies can immediately plug into devices and reap the benefits of our ongoing development.

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Why A Better Service Management Platform Is Necessary

Anyone who provides internet services needs to be able to meet the demands of customers – and those demands continue to shift and change (and they aren’t lessening). They shift so quickly that it is difficult for even the largest companies to keep up, let alone the smaller ones with less manpower. Companies need to be able to connect to and monitor devices at speeds that humans just can’t handle. Our service management platform takes some of that stress off of CSRs. In the end, this keeps income flowing while reducing spend.

All of the data shown on the platform can be used to make decisions quickly and efficiently, especially by those who are doing most of the movement within a company. Anyone with access can get customized, up-to-date, real-time information about a particular product, service, area, or customer.

ETI has many advantages over other service management platforms, but the biggest one is the geospatial dashboard that gives location intelligence in real-time. It displays the current status (good, average, poor, offline) with colors and words, allowing for instant identification of problems.

Why ETI’s Service Management Platform

No matter the number of subscribers you have, you need to have a great service management platform to help you. ETI’s software can be scaled to meet your needs. Unified Device Management, one of our software platforms, gives the ability to coordinate operations between known SAS info and real RF stats. Unified Device Management then tracks SINR by cross-referencing radio stats over time with EARFCN ( E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number). No matter how the SAS changes or shifts, Unified Device Management can help keep track of devices and their usage, helping to catch problems before they happen and prevent them from recurring. Band 48 Migration and monitoring is one of many examples where remote device management is a time and cost saver for WISPs.

Additionally, Unified Device Management can push out updates with the click of a button, reducing headaches for CSRs and technicians. The tool is scalable and flexible, working with different devices and services.

Get ETI’s Service Management Platform Today

With just a single dashboard, ETI can help service providers such as WISPs, utilities and municipalities do the following:

  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades
  • Change event triggers
  • Manage inventory
  • Complete remote provisioning
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps
  • Identify problem area

The dashboard uses cloud-based technology that is faster and more efficient than any other product. WISPs can identify, diagnose, and fix problems before customers even notice they exist. This dashboard can also help with future planning and building on existing services. It works regardless of the technology and vendor of the devices.

The dashboard is effective from the time of installation to the retirement of devices and services. It is fully customizable and ready for service providers of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about Unified Device Management and the other service lifecycle management solutions from ETI.