Service Management For Telecommunications Companies

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Service Management For Telecommunications Companies

Telecommunications companies have changed the scope of what they need to do over the last few years – in order to keep up with competition and offer new services, they need to be able to expand into new service areas, retain customers, and manage everything flawlessly. The ability to use one platform that encapsulates everything they need to know can be helpful to reduce customer churn, provide better support, and give employees the tools they need to be successful. ETI has one singular platform that tracks and manages expenses, services, networks, orders, and more. It helps to give everyone a better experience, from new customers to long-term employees. Everyone from management to stakeholders to customers and entire coverage areas will see a benefit from ETI’s telecommunications service management platform. Why?

ETI’s tools and platform optimize all of the services for telecommunications companies and put them into one easy-to-implement and trackable system. It helps to streamline services and operations for everything telcos do: video, voice, data, device management, product pushes, IoT communications, and more. Our software provides service providers with the support they need to be successful on a daily basis and take true ownership of their jobs and projects – all with very little training and next to no learning curve. We offer unprecedented support for any issues that emerge, continue to provide more updates, and everything is completely vendor agnostic.

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Areas Of Service Management For Telecommunications Companies

Our service management platform for telecommunications companies can be divided into different areas that work together to improve the overall functionality of your companies. Our platform gives everyone the information they need and can be customized to hide all of the ‘extra’ information that just clutters up their screens and adds friction that doesn’t need to be there. Still, everyone is able to get an overview of exactly what is going on within your company, spot issues that may impact their day-to-day activities, and even check on successes within the company. From management, sales and marketing to network operations, work order management, and customer service, every department within a telecommunications company will benefit.

Service Management For Field Workers & Telecommunications Technicians

One of the most important tenets of any telecommunications business is field service work and technicians. These are the people who do the work to ensure customers get the services they pay for – unfortunately, they often go underutilized, uninformed, and left in the dark. They are sent to job sites where they aren’t needed, spend too much time in the truck and do work that doesn’t fall into their expertise. ETI’s service management for telecommunications companies helps to organize workers so that they go to the best possible job and they have the information they need when they get there.

Within our system, predictive analysis and proactive field engagement transforms the speed, agility, and quality of issues resolution so that technicians can handle more work orders in one day, using the workforce to its fullest ability, and ensure that the right people are sent to the right job.

Our system offers a full suite of scheduling and dispatch tools, work order management tools, asset management overviews, and more. Even better, the entire system is ready to go on your workers’ mobile devices – they can quickly get updates and information they need while on the go. They don’t even need Wi-Fi or to go to a command center. They can update everything in real time, leaving little room for mistakes and overtracking.

Finally, the service management platform for telecommunications companies provides better field service analytics to better understand the workforce, current needs, and even plan for the future.

Service Management For Telecommunications Companies

ETI’s service management for telecommunications companies provides a 360-degree view of their subscribers, which can help to enhance the customer journey while simplifying the backend for everyone who needs to use it. This gives customers the chance to be self-sufficient and troubleshoot their own problems, which most people prefer to do over calling into a customer service number.
As time goes by and a client base becomes more tech-savvy, they will be able to request work orders and check on the status of their services online, eliminating the need for lengthy calls to customer service representatives, freeing up those team members for other tasks.

Empowering CSRs To Help With Telecommunications Issues

Customer service representatives are among the most important pieces of any telecommunications company. When they have a tool like a service management platform for telecommunications companies, they are calmer and able to handle stressful situations with ease. They can take the time to go the extra mile and ensure problems are solved. This reduces customer frustration and churn, improving retention rates.

When CSRs have the power to make a difference, they have higher job satisfaction. Finding and training new employees is one of the most expensive ventures any company undergoes, and turnover raises stress levels.

Our service management platform for telecommunication companies isn’t overly fussy or convoluted. It is simplistic and smart, giving CSRs the information they need to perform their jobs. CSRs are able to find and locate problems quickly, often without going to a third party for information. From there, they can create trouble tickets that are searchable and updateable. Depending on the solution to the problem, new hardware or work can be scheduled and implemented. They’ll also have access to SLA entitlements and knowledge base articles to help them do their jobs more successfully.

Finally, a telecommunications service management platform gives CSRs a lifecycle view of subscriber service history, which can help abate similar problems, recognize patterns, and even update client files.

Service Management For Telecommunications Devices

ETI’s service management for telecommunications is also helpful for device management. Our dashboard offers real-time monitoring and service assurance for CPE management. This will help to reduce the number of efficiencies and keep costs down. It also improves the subscriber experience and enables next-generation services.

The platform also gives technicians the ability to resolve issues quickly because they don’t have to do on-site testing. If a device is having issues, the backlog is immediately scanned, an alert is sent out to technicians, and the closest workers can get to the site. It opens up opportunities for remote fixes and widespread pushes. This eliminates downtime and optimizes network performance.

The longer a telecommunications company has the service management dashboard, the better device management will be because of historical data.

Get ETI’s Best Service Management Software Today

With just a single dashboard, our services management software for telecommunications companies helps companies large and small to reach their goals, reduce customer churn, and have better employee satisfaction than ever before. Functions include:

  • Automate the deployment of data, voice, and video services;
  • Support automation of firmware pushes and upgrades;
  • Change event triggers;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Complete remote provisioning;
  • Check real-time GeoSpatial maps;
  • Identify problem areas

The dashboard uses cloud-based technology that is faster and more efficient than any other product. WISPs can identify, diagnose, and fix problems before customers even notice they exist. This dashboard can also help with future planning and building on existing services. It works regardless of the technology and vendor of the devices.

The dashboard is effective from the time of installation to the retirement of devices and services. It is fully customizable and ready for WISPs of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about service management and what ETI has to offer.