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Provisioning Management System For Networks

A provisioning management system for networks helps to oversee the most important facets of preparing, equipping, and maintaining services for new and existing customers. Provisioning refers to the business-wide configuration, deployment, and management of different resources within an IT system – resources that need to effectively be managed to reduce customer churn and increase profits. In the past, the provisioning process hasn’t been maintained through a management system, but rather manually maintained. This takes too long and can have too many errors that frustrate customers and team members. A provisioning management system will monitor both user and customer access rights and privacy while ensuring that security is the primary focus.

A provisioning management system fixes the biggest problem telecommunications companies face: human error. There is a potential for human error at all stages of the pipeline, from customer service calls to truck rollouts for maintenance. By taking the steps to install a provisioning management system, companies will reduce the level of human error and streamline the entire process. Businesses will also reduce costs and improve efficiencies, allowing for more development and innovation.

Why Provisioning Management Systems Are Necessary For Automation

Almost all telecommunications companies are moving toward more automation within their systems. One of the natural places to start is through a provisioning management system. Automation helps with more accuracy within the provisioning process, ensuring that all of the customer-facing actions and conversations are smooth and problem-free. Most company leaders are hesitant to put provisioning management systems in place because they haven’t tried them before now – but now is the time for that innovation. Now is the time to put the system in place.

For those who are still hesitant, think about the installation process for a new customer. Before provisioning configuration starts, the company needs to determine endpoints and the VLANs for fiber connections. This information must be recorded and used for future information – including information about SAP configurations (lag number, VLAN, ingress policy, egress policy, for example), record customer-specific information into the PTSN gateway or stand-alone SIP, updating ONT firmware and ensuring it is initiated properly, and more. Not only does this information need to be recorded accurately, but it also needs to be kept safe and applied to different situations where it can be used. Within this process, companies who use manual information gathering tend to make mistakes that can cause frustration for customers and even total breakdown of systems.

Even after installation, this information is relevant whenever customers need support. If they want to add specific services, cut back on services, or change what they have, this information needs to be readily available. When a customer calls in for service, the customer service representative should be able to see a bird’s eye view of information that is accurate and easy for them to articulate to the customer. With a provisioning management system, all of the information is neatly arranged, easy to access, and simple to explain.

With all of the benefits associated with installing a provisioning management system, the most significant benefit for many telecom companies is the integration into the billing system. Billing mistakes are often the most frustrating for clients (especially if they are not in their favor) and can cause churn.

Provisioning Management System for FTTx Deployments

Installing a provisioning management system for FTTx deployments can be the best way for businesses to stay on top of the latest trends. The FTTx deployments we see have been built by existing utilities and municipalities, but they are no built to handle the unique demands associated with provisioning, provisioning management, and the customer load. Using these existing systems without the support of a provisioning management system can lead to even more human error and bottlenecks as problems emerge. With a provisioning management system in place, it is possible to accurately manage FTTx deployments remotely. It will reduce the amount of workforce used, cut down on mistakes, and decrease the rate of customer churn. All in all, the entire process goes more smoothly for everyone involved.

With ETI’s provisioning management system, providers can succeed with FTTx deployments, no matter what stage of the lifecycle they are in currently. Provisioning management systems address management, work orders, device inventory, and prospect tracking to increase the number of subscribers. A provisioning management system allows for the oversight of dashboards, managers, and teams can easily see service ratings, subscribers, and services while also looking at work orders, devices, and end-user billing. Companies that utilize this provisioning management system will have access to unrivaled tools for the design, construction, and maintenance of passive optical networks.

Provisioning Management Systems for OTT Authentication

Provisioning management for OTT authentication helps customers who want to watch their favorite shows on a device that isn’t a television – a tablet, a phone, or a laptop. They want access to this content at all times at the click of a button, without restrictions. Historically, it has been difficult for service providers to manage these experiences and to ensure that the people accessing content are actually the ones paying the bills.

With ETI’s Service Management Platform, provisioning managers will be able to:

  • Monitor users to ensure only subscribers gain access;
  • Integrate across multiple screens without costly conversions

ETI offers the only real-time subscriber authentication platform for provisioning management. It supports live streaming directly through the content provider allowing the service provider to gain the opportunity to protect valuable assets with real-time activation and deactivations while seamlessly integrating them into the billing system. In addition, the solution works with legacy back-office systems and subscriber portals for overall management.

ETI provides B/OSS integration, service management, customer-owned device registration, administration, and provisioning of streaming video services originating from a service provider under the provisioning management umbrella.

When combined with third-party cloud-based authentication platforms, authorized subscribers will have instantaneous access to OTT videos streamed from a long list of content providers.

Subscribers are able to do most of the work themselves, creating new user accounts and authenticating their information.

Provisioning Management for IPTV Network Automation

One of the biggest hurdles for service providers is managing video services – a necessary loss leader. ETI designed a solution for provisioning management that seamlessly integrates legacy billing systems with any video middleware platform out-of-the-box, including industry leaders Minerva, MediaKind, and others.

ETI’s provisioning management solution works with any IPTV and middleware platform out of the box. With a user interface that is simple, service providers gain access to full subscribe management, package and services assignment, inventory management, bandwidth management, PPV and VOD governance, enhancement features, and more.

Provisioning Management for Devices

Devices are the crux of the customer experience and they are absolutely vital to the success of any relationship. When devices work properly, everything is smoother. Every interaction with a device should be easy for the customer to navigate. While there are undoubtedly going to be problems, customer service representatives (CSRs) need to have the tools to help them and address queries. With provisioning management for devices, it is easier to get an overview of those problems and then solve them.

ETI’s solution helps with device installation, maintenance, and support as needed. With the tool, it is possible to reduce the number of trucks deployed, prioritize jobs, shorten the time spent on support calls, and expedite the installation process.

Provisioning Management For Wireless Services

Telco companies are continually trying to reduce infrastructure costs, especially in rural areas. Many utilized fixed wireless solutions to do just that, but they run into challenges with provisioning management. ETI Software provides a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that helps with provisioning management for fixed wireless services, including remote management of fixed wireless customer premise equipment, service maintenance, and a dashboard with all data displayed on a single screen.

At the same time, ETI, ETI’s provisioning solution, makes it easier to identify the best tower site locations to maximize each new build. With OSS services, provisioning management can check inventory capabilities for electronics and wireless devices that have been installed with flow-through service activation.

Provisioning Management Tackles Three Major Pitfalls

Provisioning management allows for oversight and tackles three major problems telcos, munis, and broadband service providers face, including:

Centralizing information: Businesses of all sizes and scopes have found that having a central repository for data creates efficiency and saves time and money. Entire departments will have full access to workloads, pending orders, historical data, and other information needed to excel. Managers, in particular, will use provisioning management to monitor where teams are in relation to KPIs, milestones, or new services. CSRs can reconcile service order activity with inventory, billing, and contracts, and easily gain secure but higher-level insight into the services and use of resources.

Automation: Any business that can automate specific tasks sees an improvement in output. With ETI’s provisioning management software, businesses can automate their workflows. Automation can do many things, including restricting options for only approved vendors, eliminating the need to access individual carrier portals, auto-populating information and prompts, and reducing the number of lengthy phone calls and wait times for customers. Automation will streamline the entire experience, helping to reduce the amount of friction when there are new offerings and product roll-outs.

Cutting Costs: When everything is streamlined, provisioning management provides greater accuracy, eliminates the need for rework, and frees up resources for higher-value jobs.

Provisioning Doesn’t Have To Be Complex & Provisioning Management Can Change Everything

Telecom, muni, and broadband provisioning management can free up resources, reduce churn, and make the day better for CSRs and customers alike. With increased efficiencies and reduced costs, expansion opportunities and customer satisfaction increase at the same rate.

ETI’s provisioning management solution gives service providers the ability to select and implement those modules that are necessary. Providers benefit from purchasing only what they need while still maintaining the integrity of all components.

ETI’s provisioning management tool, ETI, allows complete integration of systems and carries out simple tasks and more complex ones, including:

  • User Authentication
  • Set Limit of Devices Per Account
  • Set Limit of Simultaneous Device Usage to Manage Bandwidth
  • Assign Account Administrator
  • Register Device
  • Add/Remove Device
  • Assign the Device Name
  • Set Parental Controls by Device
  • Set PPV/VOD order/ Dollar Limit per Device
  • Set Time Usage Limits Per Device
  • Display Viewing History

Provisioning management is a constant challenge. With ETI’s solution, implementing new services while managing back-end systems is possible without any subscriber downtime or interruption, which is crucial for subscriber satisfaction. This OSS solution is versatile, powerful, and multi-faceted, providing end-to-end coverage for subscribers and CSRs.

ETI OSS’s rapid integration with upper-level billing, order entry, and CRM systems makes it the system of choice for service providers across the globe. For more information, contact us today.