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Order Management And Activation

Order Management And Activation

Of all the tasks that telecom companies need to do, order management and activation are among the most critical to business success. At the same time, telecom order management and activation are exceedingly complex, requiring many steps, multiple systems, various departments, partner organizations, and different employees. It is so complex that many telecom companies get it wrong. In order to compete, companies need to customize their services, putting even more pressure on accurate records, prompt billing, and automation. There are many challenges with order management and activation for telecom companies, but providers need to meet those challenges and overcome them if they are going to succeed.

Streamlining the order management process as well as activation is the only way to thrive. By putting order management and activation at the forefront of automation and innovation, telecoms will reduce customer churn, build opportunities, better manage workloads, and see better returns.

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How ETI Revolutionizes Order Management & Activation

ETI’s software is all-encompassing in revolutionizing the way you handle subscriber services. This includes order management and activation as well as order entry and rating, billing, device inventories, and so much more. By automating these processes, employees are able to focus on customer interactions. At the same time, those calls will be shorter and have a more positive tone as there will be fewer problems.

For those telecom companies who don’t want to completely recreate their billing systems, ETI’s software helps to augment and update billing and financial processes. Service providers and managers will be able to choose the services that they want and how their billing systems look through existing accounts or through setting up new accounts. At the same time, telecoms can add different functionalities to create a more comprehensive billing and provisioning system.

Order Management For Telecom Companies

Order management systems are complex as they marry customer needs with back-end technology. They allow customers (either by themselves or through the assistance of a customer service representative) to place new orders, modify existing orders, and check the progress of those orders.

This platform needs to be accessible across different platforms (including mobile) and document all modifications. It is important for this platform to be accurate and seamless – if there is a problem with the platform, customer churn increases. Even if the mistake was made by the customer, the telecom company will often get the blame. Any mistakes result in service delays and upset customers. Automation creates a process where the customer inputs the number, the order is cataloged, numbers are updated, and teams are alerted if something needs their attention. At the same time, the billing system is updated to reflect changes. With automation, the chance of human error is eliminated, making bills more accurate.

Order Management For Bill Paying

Accurate billing is essential to the success of any company. ETI’s software solutions automate the provisioning of service with billing, which eliminates human error and ensures only the services ordered are being received and billed.

Order management is a massive operating cost that eats away at budgets – by investing in order management software, companies can become more efficient and cut costs dramatically. At the same time, it will reduce customer churn and improve revenues. New customers will have a better first impression as they get accurate statements, unprecedented access to their bills, and up-to-date information on what is available to them.

ETI’s software helps to create a record of bills, services, and any repairs that need to be done to an account. This will help if there is ever a problem with an account. Customer service representatives will have immediate access to all of the information that they need to troubleshoot and help their customers.

Order Activation

Once a client has been signed and their account is ready to go, their order needs to be activated. ETI’s software solution takes all aspects of order activation and automates them, making it easier and faster than ever before. Order activation oversees the different activities associated with starting services for a new client or updating or modifying services for an existing one. It reduces the time required to deliver services, ensures seamless transitions, and helps to keep everyone involved abreast of what is happening.

It all starts with a work order to ensure that the work is required. That work order is then tracked throughout the provisioning process, ensuring that everything is executed at the right time, in the right order, and by the right people. These orders are built according to internal templates that help to keep everything organized.

Operational efficiency increases as more automation is implemented. This leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction. ETI’s software helps with this. Activation scripts make information easy to browse, modify, or delete parameters of account activity. It will automatically activate services end-to-end across all networks, reducing service delivery bottlenecks that are caused by human error or outdated systems. At the same time, companies can deploy different types of equipment, physical or virtual, to customers.

At the end of activation, there is an audit trail that helps to determine what happened throughout activation, what can be changed, and how different processes will be impacted. For new services that are being activated for a large community of people, order activation helps improve operational efficiency, accelerate service delivery, and reduce operations costs all while meeting marketing demands and staying competitive.

ETI’s Order Management & Activation: Get It Today

It is a constant problem for many telecom companies to face – how to quickly implement new services without disruption of their back-end systems. Today’s order management and activation must be versatile and powerful while staying accurate and easy to use.

ETI OSS is the result of 25 years of OSS expertise, enabling turnkey, automated, flow‐through service activation for virtually any technology. Coupled with a business-level API that can be implemented in days, not months, ETI OSS’s rapid integration with upper-level billing, order entry, and CRM systems makes it the system of choice for service providers across the globe.

The future is already here. And ETI is driving innovation by developing solutions that address the main concerns of service providers. For more information, schedule a free demo today.