Management Tools For Wireless Internet Service Providers

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Management Tools For Wireless Internet Service Providers

There is an increasing need for management tools for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) as customers expect more offerings and better customer service. Good management tools help telecom providers with that customer service, as well as deployment, maintenance, and expansion of their offerings, including both Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet-LAN connections for video, voice, data, and IoT communications.

A good management system helps to organize everything so that all levels of the organization can be on the same page, offering a complete, current overview of their devices and services at any given time.

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Platform & Management Tools For Wireless Internet Service Providers

The best management tools for wireless internet service providers are built on a platform that integrates easily with existing systems, eliminating the need for lengthy training and set-up. With ETI’s platform, telecommunications companies can use the software as they integrate new services, build on their network, scale to meet needs, and change to accommodate new rules and regulations. Wireless internet service providers no longer have to worry about missing something or overlooking a problem, as they see everything on an easy-to-read geospatial dashboard that highlights service areas, indicates problem areas, and provides insight for planning and customer management.

Our management tools for wireless internet service providers offer smart, simple, and functional real-time data to help optimize the customer experience, streamline truck roll-outs, and limit problems. With just a few clicks, everyone from customer service agents to the sales teams can get information about subscriber accounts, work order statuses, entitlements access, problem areas, and even lifecycle views of customer histories.

Unified Device Management, A Management Tool For Wireless Internet Service Providers

ETI’s Unified Device Management offers management tools for wireless internet service providers to monitor and manage vendor-agnostic devices in a customer’s home without having to physically be in that location. The information is automatically gathered and reported in one place so that customer service representatives can look into the file and find solutions without requiring the customer to do anything at all. CSRs then have the ability to monitor connectivity, capacity, and results in real-time. After the customer call, they will be able to verify that the problem has been solved and see if that problem will impact other customers.

ETI’s management tools for wireless internet service providers and software works on all devices and integrates seamlessly within the telecommunication company’s existing monitoring system in most cases. They cut down on the work that teams need to do that doesn’t provide value to the company. It also helps to organize work and truck rolls. Most companies are ready to go out of the box (or off the shelf) there is no need to custom build or customize anything.

As new standards are released, most companies will be able to immediately plug into their devices. If there is a need for more custom integrations, we can provide that as well.

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What Is The Value Of Management Tool For Wireless Internet Service Providers?

For wireless internet service providers, the key is to be wireless. The highlight of ETI’s management software is that it gives companies the ability to connect remotely to devices, saving time, effort, and money. It can also help to predict widespread problems and possibly even stop them before they happen. All of the live data can be used to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The information is presented so simply and efficiently that almost anyone could spot issues.

All of the information can be accessed almost immediately and before it becomes a real problem for your customers – sometimes before the issues even become apparent to customers.

ETI offers one distinct advantage over other wireless internet service provider software vendors, and that is the geospatial dashboard that gives location intelligence in real-time. It shows you the current status (good, average, poor, offline). Competitor software doesn’t include this and won’t allow people to visualize their whole footprint.

Get ETI’s Management Dashboard For Wireless Internet Service Providers

The dashboard makes all the difference here. With just a single, integrated dashboard, our WISP software does the following:

  • Automates the deployment of data, voice, and video services
  • Supports automation of firmware pushes and upgrades;
  • Changes event triggers;
  • Manages inventory;
  • Completes remote provisioning;
  • Checks real-time GeoSpatial maps;
  • Identifies problem areas

Our dashboard is cloud-based, meaning companies are able to visually identify and solve problems from anywhere in the world in just a few seconds. Often, they are able to spot issues as soon as they emerge and before they present themselves to customers. This dashboard also helps with any future planning and building on existing services. It works regardless of the vendor of the devices.

This dashboard can:

  • Track the quality of device signals to eliminate issues upon installation
  • Track when new buildings or structures cause problems
  • Signal when trees have grown into the pathway of a signal
  • List devices and connection ratings
  • Tracks historical data to provide insights
  • Provide insights on expansion opportunities
  • Help define new business goals
  • Track expenditures

Additionally, Unified Device Management can push out updates with the click of a button, reducing headaches for CSRs and technicians. The tool is scalable and flexible, working with different devices and services.

Why ETI’s Wireless Internet Service Provider Software Is Ideal For Companies Of All Sizes

ETI Software’s device management platform, Unified Device Management, can help companies of all sizes and scopes. Unified Device Management gives telecommunications companies the ability to coordinate operations between known SAS info and real RF stats. It then tracks SINR by cross-referencing radio stats over time with EARFCN ( E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number). No matter how the SAS changes or shifts, Unified Device Management can help keep track of devices and their usage and help to catch problems before they happen.

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