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Top 5 Steps Providers Can Take to Support Critical Services

This blog is excerpted from the TM Forum report “Orchestrating Broadband as a Vital Utility” by Ed Fiengold. Download the full report here. As communications service providers (CSPs) work to solve challenges related to digital transformation, like adopting cloud native IT and migrating to software-based networks, they are on a path to supporting new critical […]

CSPs Face the Need to Change

The speed of change has accelerated, and Communication Service Providers are challenged with the need to change to remain competitive. BSS needs to transform into something that is much more flexible, dynamic, and agile.

Critical Broadband Infrastructure Trends: Interview with TM Forum Analyst Ed Finegold

This episode, features TM Forum analyst, Ed Finegold about his research into broadband as critical infrastructure and more.

Telco Accelerator: Pulling Back the Curtain

In this episode we take an in-depth look at Microsoft’s Telco Accelerator with Program Manager, Martin Wahl.

Helping Members with Digital Transformations.

This episode of the Broadband Bunch features, George Glass, CTO of TM Forum talking about how TM Forum as an industry association, fosters collaboration for the greater good of the telecommunications industry and more!

ETI Leads with Microsoft’s new Telecommunications Accelerator

Microsoft partnered with ETI Software Solutions to expand its Common Data Model to include new industry-specific attributes based on the TM Forum Open Digital Framework.