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Benefits of SDN and OpenDaylight

This episode features Robert Varga, one of the early and major contributors to the OpenDaylight Project taking about SDN, Kubernetes and more

Digital Transformation for Broadband Service Providers

Can all service providers, regardless of size, realize the promise of the digital transformational vision? Digital transformation is not a destination but a journey and it’s a journey that service providers must go through to stay successful.

Software-Defined Networks, OpenDayLight & Legacy Networks

This week ETI is “geeking out” and featuring our very own David Tidd, VP of Engineering. He takes a look at SDN, OpenDayLight and its how it affects overall architecture.

Better Fiber Infrastructure Ignites Digital Transformation

Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer for FiberLight joins The Broadband Bunch podcast to discuss fiber design, operation and deployment tactics and elements.

Driving Open Networks and SDN

In this episode of The Broadband Bunch, recorded at the Broadband World Forum 2019, we speak with Aseem Parikh, Open Networking Foundation, Vice President, Solutions and Partnerships. Aseem talks about the state of software defined networking, explains how to operationalize standards and offers his view of the industry today