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Broadband Community Event: Mountain Connect 2021

This episode features the director and chief architect behind Mountain Connect, Jeff Gavlinski, Talking about Mountain Connect 2021, an agnostic event that concentrates on bringing connectivity to the Western United States with an emphasis on helping underserved and unserved areas.

Helping Members with Digital Transformations.

This episode of the Broadband Bunch features, George Glass, CTO of TM Forum talking about how TM Forum as an industry association, fosters collaboration for the greater good of the telecommunications industry and more!

“This is going to be the largest fiber investment year in history.”

In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, we speak with Gary Bolton, President, and CEO of The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA), talking about the Organization and how FBA is always leading The Charge For Fiber First, celebrating twenty years as an advocate organization, and how Twenty twenty-one is a big year for milestones in the fiber community and more!

RTIME ONLINE 2021 Broadband Together

NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association represents nearly 850 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America. Each year, a highlight of the NTCA calendar is RTIME, the Rural Telecom Industry Meeting and Expo. Today we speak with Shirley Bloomfield, CEO and Fred Johnson, Board Chairman of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association about this year’s virtual event and its packed agenda of keynote speakers, panels and sessions.

Necessity of Fiber Broadband Not a Mystery

Today our guest is Brian Mefford, VP of Broadband Strategy at VETRO FiberMap, an intuitive, cloud-based GIS mapping platform for fiber broadband deployments. He talks with us about fiber broadband demand and funding as well as the need for accuracy when mapping out deployments that can bridge the digital divide.

BBC Summit 2020 – Fiber: Building a Gigabit World

On this edition of The Broadband Bunch, we talk the pivot to virtual events due to COVID-19. The Broadband Communities Summit, held next week, will be one of those events. Joining me today to talk about the BBC Summit 2020, the CEO of Broadband Communities, Barbara DeGarmo, along with Vice-President, Publisher and Conference Director for Broadband Communities, Nancy McCain.

Broadband Communities Magazine: The Editors Speak

In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, recorded in Washington D.C. at the Broadband Communities event focused on High-Speed Broadband: Driving America’s Growth, we speak with Steve Ross, the Founding Editor and now Editor-at-Large a Broadband Communities Magazine and Masha Zager, Editor-in-Chief of Broadband Communities Magazine. WHAT IS YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON THIS CONFERENCE REGARDING DRIVING […]

Tips from Tipmont EMC on Utility Broadband Service

The Broadband Bunch continues from the Broadband Communities’ event in Washington D.C.  In this episode we have the opportunity to visit with Ron Holcomb, the President and CEO of Tipmont EMC. EMBRACING BROADBAND AT TIPMONT EMC Craig Corbin: You have already been busy today as a panelist on the very first segment this morning in […]

The Benton Institute: Closing the Digital Divide

In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, recorded in Washington D.C. at the Broadband Communities event focused on High-Speed Broadband: Driving America’s Growth, we speak with Jon Sallet from the Benton Institute for Broadband Society. HOW DID YOU END UP WORKING ON BROADBAND POLICY ISSUES? Jon Sallet: I’ve done telecom issues for a long time. […]