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ACS Custom Scripting Engine

Set yourself apart with the powerful ACS Logix Box scripting tool

The ACS Logic Box is the scripting engine that allows the ACS to execute sophisticated operations based on the current state of a devices. The Logic Box allows users to create scripts and configure them to automatically trigger based on the actions of the device, values of parameters or flags on the device, or device inform events. The Logic Box comes with a built-in editor and templates to simplify the script-building process.

The ETI Advantage

Logic box scripting provides the ability to automatically trigger scripts based on any device event. Typical processes automated with the Logic Box include, device registration, self-healing reboots, integration with back-end OSS, and parameter values collection. The Logic Box can be configured to trigger different scripts for each device type to ensure custom handling for each device type. The Logic Box capability gives your business the added services, customization and customer care that will set you apart from the competition.


  • PHP scripting language
  • User-managed scripts
  • Scripts triggered by events
  • Device type specific
  • Scripts tied to batches


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