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January 20, 2022

Internet Satisfaction Report: 60% Very Satisfied with Their Service

Sixty percent of subscribers are very satisfied with their broadband service, while only 7% are not satisfied, according to a new internet satisfaction report from the Leichtman Research Group.

The firm’s “Broadband Internet in the U.S. 2021” study found that home internet service is close to ubiquitous: 87% of U.S. households get internet service at home (compared to 83% in 2016 and 69% in 2006).

The majority of internet services received are fast enough to be considered “broadband,” according to LRG. Eighty-five percent of all households get broadband Internet service, an increase from 81% in 2006 and 42% in 2016. Virtually all – 98% — of households with Internet service get it via broadband.

The firm found that 68% of subscribers responded with scores of 8-10 on a 10-point scale when asked whether their broadband service met their needs, while 4% gave it a score of 1 to 3.

“The percentage of households getting an Internet service at home, including high-speed broadband, continued to increase over the past year, and is now higher than in any previous year,” Leichtman Research Group president and principal analyst Bruce Leichtman said in a press release. “Broadband subscribers generally remain satisfied with their service, with 60% reporting that they are very satisfied, compared to 57% in 2016.”

Key findings of the research:

  • 63% of broadband subscribers rate the speed of their Internet connection 8-10 (with 10 being excellent), while 7% rate it 1-3 (with 1 being poor)
  • 45% of broadband subscribers do not know the download speed of their service, compared to 59% in 2016
  • 69% of respondents with Internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps are very satisfied with their service, compared to 53% with speeds of less than 50 Mbps, and 58% that don’t know their speed
  • 60% of adults with Internet service at home watch video online daily, compared to 50% in 2019, 41% in 2016, and 5% in 2006
  • 87% of households use at least one laptop or desktop computer, with 95% of this group getting an Internet service at home
  • 68% of those that do not use a laptop or desktop computer are not online at home. This accounts for 67% of all that do not have Internet service at home.

Two thousand households were surveyed for the nineteenth annual edition of the study.