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August 28, 2017

Fiber Management Systems: Not Your Father’s CAD

Imagine a world of intelligent possibilities…

Imagine knowing where your network is, where your customers are, where the high priority alarms are being raised and how much revenue is associated with every piece of equipment you own. In the past, the best you would have known is how much it would cost you to build a new network leg. But as the telecom industry continues to be pressured to manage smaller margins per user, it’s not enough to only know your bill of materials. Engineering is key to your growth, moving from a cost-based business unit to a revenue-driving organization. After all, without a continually evolving network delivering the latest and greatest services to the home, it doesn’t take a lot of time before your customers look somewhere else.

Key to a customer focused business practice is being in complete control of your network. Knowing who you are serving, the revenue associated with each user, the network routes that drive the most business for the organization and the ability to share this information across departments – all amount to opportunities to scale up new revenue opportunities while enabling the highest quality of experience to each and every customer.

Enterprise Fiber Management Systems – it’s not your father’s CAD.

Active Network Management

An enterprise system platform has two critical components. It must scale up as your business grows to support increasing demands for data and information. It must also scale out to provide decision enabling information to everyone that needs it. That means integrating with your business processes not just within engineering but through to your CFOs desk and over to the front lines in customer care. And it has to do this reliably, without duplication and easily so that your people will look to it as that one system of truth.

An active network management system provides all these benefits. It allows engineering to quickly move from planning to build out; from customer activation to billing; and from alarm management to customer care. Tightening these business processes through automated integration with OSS and BSS systems is an enabler to delivering the best quality of service imaginable to your customers all while reducing the costs to provide your services.

The role of GIS

Geographical Information Systems – they’ve been around for a long time.  Previously reserved for the map makers in government, GIS has now moved to the center stage. In particular, when you look at solutions from vendors like Esri, you see how they meet the demands of an enterprise system platform. The Esri GIS platform easily scales up through its intelligent use of enterprise DBMSs like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, database systems that have driven top performing businesses for many years. And with continuing improvements to the Esri solution architecture, it’s very easy to scale out to all the users in your organization – from intensive desktop users, web based decision support portals, to your field techs and even to your customers for self-servicing applications.

Enterprise Fiber Management Systems

Considering the role of GIS in the enterprise, it’s important that you consider adopting a fiber management system that leverages the benefits of GIS while scaling up and out throughout your organization. A fiber management system that was designed with these properties in mind. One that not only provides the tools to plan, design and build out a new FTTx network easily but enables that active view of the network to support all the other business processes key to your growth.

All the benefits of an enterprise fiber management system – this is the mission behind the Overture FMS platform. Built on the industry leading GIS platform from Esri and designed from day 1 to be that one system of truth that actively participates in all your business processes. Reduce your operational costs; improve the customer experience; and drive new business growth opportunities.

It’s not your father’s CAD.