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May 14, 2019

ETI Supports 10G Provisioning of XGS

ATLANTA, GA  –  As demand for network speed and bandwidth continues to grow and exceed the capacity of gigabit services, 10G is the next generation ultra-fast capability for PON providers.  Available in July, ETI Software’s industry leading ETI platform will provide provisioning of Nokia’s XGS ONTs with additional vendor interfaces to follow.

“Support for 10G ONTs reflects ETI Software’s commitment to continually develop the capabilities and speed of its market-leading ETI platform,” said Chris Beisner, ETI’s Vice President of Product Management. “It is an important step towards enabling service providers to deliver new ultra-broadband services such as streaming video in 4k, 8k and 12k, as well as mission-critical business applications such as remote medical services with enhanced performance and reliability.”

“With ETI’s Visionware 360 platform, our customers can more effectively keep up with rapidly changing customer demands and quickly introduce Nokia’s industry leading 10G technology to support the delivery of new innovative broadband services,” said Bassam El-Zakhem, Vice President, Fixed Networks Americas.

ETI’s enhanced capability will allow operators a fast-track deployment path to10G services – enabling them to attract and retain both business and residential subscribers with a rapid return on investment.  Adapting to new technologies is a key differentiator of ETI and has been for more than 25 years.

“We have always successfully supported each and every telecommunication technology that our customers have deployed; 10G-PON is no exception,” commented Pete Pifer, ETI Software’s Chairman. “It goes back to our founding philosophy of evolving with the industry to best serve our customers and their subscribers.”

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