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February 20, 2017

ETI joins Brazilian Trade Association, Abrint, to promote broadband

ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 20, 2017: ETI Software continues to promote broadband adoption in Latin America by joining Abrint, the Brazilian Association of Internet Providers and Telecommunications. This non-profit organization generates awareness of the economic and social importance of broadband in Brazil.

“In 2016, only 54% of Brazilian homes had access to the Internet*,” said Al Nuñez, ETI’s Senior Vice-President of Global Sales. “DSL and cable modems are the two most common technologies; fiber is a distant third. With so much room for growth, ETI Software can play an important part in bringing high-speed broadband to the largest country in South America.”

Abrint also represents regional internet providers in political discussions that might affect their ability to deliver quality broadband services to areas not serviced by larger companies. “Regional providers have substantially grown in the past few years. Last year, for example, 40% of the new broadband subscribers got internet access through a regional provider,” Abrint’s president, Erich Rodrigues, pointed out. “We are happy to welcome ETI and we are looking forward to a long and productive partnership,” he said.

ETI’s membership in Abrint is part of a larger effort to pursue market share in Latin America. Last year, ETI joined the Latin American Chapter of FTTH Council Americas (LATAM).  “We are excited to participate in this emerging market and share our knowledge about broadband access, network management and device management,” stated Frank Gine, ETI’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is an unique opportunity to make a difference in this area of the world,” he added.

*Source: 2016 Anatel Report

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About Abrint: Brazilian Association of Internet Providers and Telecommunications (Abrint) is a non-profit organization that represents regional internet providers in discussions with the Brazilian government and other entities that regulate broadband in Brazil and worldwide. For more information, visit