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May 8, 2017

ETI Celebrates 25th Anniversary

ATLANTA, GA – May 8, 2017:  What were you doing 25 years ago? Need a reminder? Johnny Carson made his final appearance as host of The Tonight Show. Wayne’s World had just opened in theaters across the country, and the space shuttle Endeavor launched on her maiden flight.

Founded after an entrepreneur’s revelation and still thriving in today’s broadband industry

Pete Pifer remembers. He was sitting in a cabin in North Georgia, fascinated with a friend’s demonstration of downloading data from the United Kingdom to his computer over a common wired telephone line. “I thought to myself: if a telephone line can transmit voice and data, then why not video?” Pifer recalled.

This intrigued him so much that he founded a software company to help traditional telephone companies integrate their business systems to offer video services – essentially predicting the surge of triple play services as well as a market shift where telecoms would compete against cable companies. This vision of convergence gave birth to ETI Software Solutions in May of 1992.

As Pete began to grow the company, he relied on a few founding principles that are part of the company’s creed: Service. Reliability. Enthusiasm. Honesty. “People come first at ETI,” he said. “We are serious about service. Our customers are not dependent on us – we are dependent on them. It is our job to serve our customers through hard work and to care about the results.”

In 2014, ETI acquired a European technology company, Netmania, and created a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom. This expanded ETI’s customer base to Europe and the Asian-Pacific region and positioned ETI for growth internationally in emerging markets such as Latin America and South Africa.

The “people first” attitude has continued to pay-off over the years, as industry relationships and partnerships cemented ETI’s place as leaders in broadband software solutions. Pete’s philosophy also resulted in another milestone in 2015: an employee stock option plan, making the employees 100 percent owners of the company.

Throughout 2017, ETI Software will be celebrating and honoring customers. “It’s with great humility that I stand here 25 years after that day in the cabin,” said Pete, who serves as ETI’s Board Chairman. “I am grateful for the past, excited about our present and look forward to the next chapter of ETI’s journey.”

Click here to watch a video of Pete discussing the 25th Anniversary!