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August 12, 2020

Demonstrating the Strength of the Smart Home

The latest news in the evolving smart home market is a partnership between Google and ADT. Google has announced a long-term strategic partnership and a $450 million investment in the security and home automation provider.

The partnership will bring Google’s smart home platform, Nest, to ADT’s customer base, which includes millions of U.S. homes and small businesses. ADT will sell and install Nest cameras, Nest Hub Max and other products, all of which will be managed by Google Assistant.

Google and ADT see many benefits in bringing the two together. One benefit includes Google’s machine learning which should help reduce false alarms, better communicate alarm events, and provide better detection of potential incidents inside and around the home. Features will include automated notifications, such as package delivery detection.

The deal highlights a fast moving smart home market, where major technology companies are battling it out to gain competitive advantage. Google and Amazon are in a pitched battle to win the smart home. It also highlights how relevant the smart home has become to the broadband connectivity business.

Broadband is fuel for the smart home, and it powers a range of devices and services, creating expanded opportunity for service providers to grow ARPU.

ETI has been helping clients take advantage of the smart home opportunity for years. As more devices in the home rely on uninterrupted fast connectivity, service providers need to become laser focused on enabling the smart home. ETI’s tools allow service providers to achieve this goal, ensuring the smart home experience that customers have come to expect, and laying a foundation for the revenue opportunities that flow from it.

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